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Name: AUBREY, Isa Christine Dorcas MBE, Mrs

Nee: Buckler

Birth Date: 1893

First Date: 1908 - as a young girl of 15

Profession: With her father, made the 400 mile trek up to the Highlands from the coast by ox-waggon. She was in EA for over half a century and was well known for her social and welfare work.

Area: Ruiru, Highlands (over 50 years)

Book Reference: Gillett, Seventy

General Information:

They started ostrich farming, having a very precarious existence in those early days, contending with drought, torrential rains, desertion of labour and destruction by wild animals. Her adventures also included hunting big-game, fishing and long journeys with her father to capture animals for zoos. On several occasions she drove a waggon behind a span of 16 zebras!                                   
Seventy - Ran the Ruiru branch of the EAWL from 1930-51. She started Red Cross classes and Cooking classes for members, and then in 1933 held twice weekly sewing classes for African women in her large, and presumably disused, turkey house, where "20 women attended regularly and were treated to tea and cakes, and a little talk on cleanliness and general welfare. It is now a very rare occurrence for a dirty mother or baby to arrive. The class has learned to knit and sew most useful little garments which they occasionally sell amongst themselves." Mrs Aubrey was awarded the Coronation Medals of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II, and the MBE. It was said of her "That she had a way of making the young people think that life was not all play and sports, and that we had our responsibilities towards less fortunate people, and were needed to give our support in her efforts to help."
CSN Was Buckler in fact her surname from a first marriage and not her maiden name? She is a passenger on ships in the 1920s as Mrs Buckler, with 3 sons - John Maxwell, Oswald Allen and Frederick. In 1920 she is with husband John Oswald Buckler. 
An Isa Christine Noelle Buckler, of Nairobi, died 20 Sep 1949 in Exeter

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