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Name: TURNBULL, Alan Eyre

Birth Date: 13 June 1872

First Date: 1922

Profession: PWD surveyor and engineer

Area: Hoey's Bridge; Chunya, Tanganyika

Married: Mildred Louise Harrington b. 1877 Christchurch, New Zealand, d. 1960 Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia

Children: Isobel Mary (1907); Marjorie Julia (1909); Andrew (1910)

Book Reference: KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Red 22, Pioneer Spirit

General Information:

Pioneer Spirit - Ivan [Mitford-Barberton] - After living for some years in his new house [Merrowdown] doing perhaps more sculpture than serious farming, Ivan became restless. ……….. He decided to sell the western part of the farm and this was bought by Alan E. Turnbull. Ivan went to London to study art and I [Raymond M-B] was left with his Power of Attorney. Alan Turnbull sent for me to Eldoret to receive one of the payments and I had to wait several days whilst he sobered up sufficiently to sign the cheque.
KAD 1922 - Assistant Engineer, PWD, Eldoret.
Red 25 - Farmer, Soy
Gazette  6 Dec 1938 Uasin Gishu Voters Roll expunged
Not in 1926 Blue Book
Went to school in New Zealand
1911 Census of Canada

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