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Name: THOMAS, Felix

Birth Date: c.1867 Neutitchen, Moravia

Nationality: Austrian

First Date: 1894

Area: Lamu

Book Reference: North, EAHB 1906, Gazette

General Information:

EAHB 1906 - F. Thomas - Mombasa ?
Gazette - Issued with Bird Licence at Mombasa during semester ending 30/6/1902 - F. Thomas
North - From Neutitschen, Moravia
North - Internat. Freeland Assoc. - Quartermaster in Austrian army; aged 25 arr. Lamu 2/4/1894; expelled from Assoc. "Irredeemably dishonest" (Dugmore); shooting trip up Tana, Menfano with Capt. F.S. Dugmore, Nov 1894 reported to be working as Dugmore's servant

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