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Name: ABRAHAM, Michael Hudson Furse 'Mike'

Nee: brother of Rupert and Jasper, son of Rt. Rev. Charles Thomas Abraham

Birth Date: 12 Aug 1893

Death Date: 1991

First Date: 1906

Last Date: 1932

Profession: Farmer

Area: 1906 Over Haddon, 'Kittery', Molo, Londiani

Married: 1. 1922 Sybil Laetitia Freeman (1892-1970) 2. Jean

Children: Charles Russell Furse (1923), Anthony Woodward Furse (1926-2012)

Book Reference: Over my Shoulder, Red 25, Hut, Red 31, Red 22, Web

School: Marlborough

General Information:

Over my Shoulder - In 1932 Mike Abraham decided that he had had enough, and advertised a disposal sale of all his stock. This was a great blow to the little Cinderella sheep industry of Molo, as he was one of the very few people there with the money to import good bloodstock from Australia and New Zealand. His imported, pure bred sheep he did not sell, but gave to Billy Poulton. This was an inspired gesture, because Billy always loved his sheep, as he loved all animals, and they had a better chance of survival at Kenjockety than in most other places.
Hut - Mike Abrahams.
Hut - beat syce who died - 18 months' jail. [CN: But this was his brother Jasper.] Changed surname to Furse, his mother's name

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