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Name: KINGSFORD, Leslie Tennant 'Tiny'

Birth Date: 1906

Death Date: 1992

First Date: 1930

Last Date: 1992

Profession: Farmer, Togi Fram, Limuru 1938

Area: Naivasha, Togi Grass Tennis Courts, Limuru, Rumuruti, 1931 Nunjoro Kinangop

Married: 1931 Cecily Lettice Butler (1904-1975)

Children: David, Diana (Shaw), Sue (Alleyne)

Book Reference: Sitrep 2, Red 31, Hut, Women in Kenya, Barnes, Foster, Old Africa

General Information:

Pre-war volunteer to the Kenya Regiment (KR 803).
Barnes - Limuru Cemetery - Cecily Kingsford, 1904 - 1975
Foster - 1938 Hon Treasurer, All Saints Church, Limuru; 1956 Chairman, Kiambu and Limuru Chaplaincy Council; cousin of Miss Anne Barnett.
Old Africa 23/23 - 1926 - "I came to Kenya and got my first job as a pupil on Lamuria, a farm owned by Shaw Bros and Matthias in November 1926. In December I was offered a job as farm manager on a nearby property owned by "Mad" Wilson (not to be confused with "Cheese" Wilson who kept a duka somewhere near Nyeri). My salary was Shs 300/- per month for which I had to manage the cattle, pigs and about 3000 acres as well as run the local duka, to which was attached the Ngobit Post Office. Diana Shaw says her father started up at Naro Moru in 1927. Later he moved to Naivasha and finally to Limuru where he bought a farm in 1936, developed it from bush into a thriving mixed farm with cattle and wattle and later tea plantations, and where he died in 1992
Chairman of the Limuru Day activities for the EAWL in 1938.
Mrs Kingsford was an extremely active member of the Limuru EAWL being DVP, a Councillor and a Member of the Executive, the League of Mercy and the Red Cross representative for the district.
Frampton - Neighbours on the Kinangop in early 30s
Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Kiambu Voters Roll

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