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Name: KUHNE, Robert Charles

First Date: 1930s

Profession: Drove a lorry between Thomson's Falls and Rumuruti.

Area: Nyeri, Rumuruti

Married: Marian Crane

Children: Olive Amelia (1933)

Book Reference: Polnay, Red 25, Hut, Baptism, Nicholls

General Information:

Polnay - became a good friend of mine and, after leaving Kenya, our paths often crossed ........ On leaving Kenya he divorced his first wife, an American I much liked, and after the war he married an Englishwoman of my acquaintance. His half-brother who farmed in Laikipia was the son of Hudson's Soap......…
Red 25 has R.C. Kuhne, Rongai,
Hut has R. Charles Kuhne Farm 31 Kitale AND R.C. Kuhne 1925 Rongai  AND R.C. Kuhne 1930 Rumuruti

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