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Name: NIGHTINGALE, George Robert

Nee: son of James Douglas Nightingale; bro of William Douglas Nightingale

Birth Date: 11 Dec 1901 Harringay

Death Date: 1986 Lewes, Sussex

First Date: 1920

Area: Kilannon Est., Kiambu, 1925 Miwani

Married: In Epping 1931 Marie Margaret Hopkins b. 1900 Willesden

Children: William Douglas (2 May 1900 Harringay-1990 Edmonton; Richard (27 Mar 1932 Mombasa-10 Dec 2019 Gaiman, Chubut, Argentina); Elizabeth (Johnson) (1930 Mombasa-12 Mar 2014 Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia)

Book Reference: KAD, Red 25, Hut, Nicholls

General Information:

Info from Col. Ray Nightingale - George Nightingale and his wife Mary had two children - Richard and Elizabeth who was at school with Ray Nightingale's wife. Elizabeth married a Johnson (Seychelles blood) who was a M.T. Mechanic.
Nicholls - Whites very rarely sought the friendship of Africans, though there were some exceptions to this rule - George Nightingale was one of those who had more friends among Africans than whites, two of his companions being Ndola, headman on the Kinani sisal estate, and Nganga, an employee on a maize farm at Elmenteita, but he was unusual and his conduct was frowned upon by members of his own race. When working on George Langridge's farm he was discouraged from becoming too familiar with African servants on the grounds that they had to be kept in their place in society - 'I was not told how long this convenient state of affairs was to last.'
Gazette - 8/1/1929 - Bankruptcy Ordinance - George Robert Nightingale of Nairobi - first meeting of creditors

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