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Name: O'CONNOR, Patrick (Father)

Birth Date: 19 Apr 1890 Dublin

Death Date: 8 Dec 1966 Kimmage

First Date: 1922

Profession: R. Catholic Church missionary

Area: Nairobi, 1925 Catholic Mission, Mombasa

Book Reference: KAD, Red 25, Red 22

General Information:

Gazette - 7/5/1929 - Expunged from Coast Register of Voter - Left Area - Patrick O'Connor - Missionary, Mariakani
Henry J. Koren, Spiritan East African Memorial, 1994: He graduated from Blackrock in 1908 and did a few years of prefecting before making his vows at Kimmage on September 21, 1913. Sent to France for his
senior studies, he began them at Langonnet but, because of World War One, continued them at Kimmage and Rathmines, where he was ordained on June 15, 1919. Early in 1920 he sailed for the Vicariate of Zanzibar and served there first at Mombasa and then took over the station at Giriama. He worked zealously and took up the defense of the African people against unjust criticism, while also improving the dilapidated condition of its school and residence. ln 1927 he retumed to lreland for the then customary month of recollection after about ten years of the priesthood. After it, he taught for one year at St. Mary's
College, Trinidad and then went to Nigeria. There he worked at Ogoja and Eke until illness drove him back to lreland in 1935.  The remaining three decades of his life were spent in continuous ill health  and retirement at Blackrock and Kimmage. His mind, however, emained active and alert. He loved to discuss theological issues and to argue about fine points of lrish history.

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