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Name: POWELL, Meredith Strathmore

Birth Date: 5 Nov 1890

Death Date: 1970 Hibberdene, KwaZulu-Natal

First Date: 1919 - from S. Africa

Last Date: 1966? To S. Africa

Profession: Engineering business, then farming

Area: Box 455, Nairobi, 1925 Box 594, Nairobi, 1930 Putuyu Estate, Akela Turbo

Married: Grace Symons Fitzgerald b. 12 Oct 1893 Lady Grey, Eastern Cape, S. Africa, d. 1972 Durban, sister of C.S. Fitzgerald and H.S. Fitzgerald

Children: Meredith Norman (Ingwe) (17 Oct 1914 Douglas, Northern Cape-2005); Veronica Grace (1919 Douglas); Jack Desmond (30 Nov 1922-19 June 1937 heart condition); Terence Fitzgerald (1926)

Book Reference: KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Red 22, Web, Sheardown, Ingwe

General Information:

E-Mail from Elizabeth Powell, 2/5/02 - 1920 - family settled in the Ruaraka area. M.S. Powell had arrived in 1919 and started an engineering business, erecting coffee factories (one factory was that of Karen von Blixen and her husband), and sawmills, and building dams, etc.. In 1925 the family moved to Turbo Valley where Meredith took up farming. They returned to South Africa after independence.
Sheardown - Both Meredith and Norman Powell, father and son, had been knocked down and savaged by charging lions, fortunately in both cases without fatal consequences although they bore the odd honourable scar of their encounters.

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