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Name: RALLING, Harold St. George

Birth Date: 23 Apr 1893 Exetor

Death Date: 21 Nov 1980 Tunbridge Wells

First Date: 1920

Profession: Pauling & Co. Draper. Planter

Area: Mombasa, Kericho

Married: 1. In Bromley 1924 Dorothy Blanche Williams b. 14 Mar 1887 West Norwood, d. 2 May 1968 Crowborough 2. In Kingston upon Thames 1969 Ann Jackson

Children: Anthony C. (1929); Shirley D. (1926), another

Book Reference: KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Red 22, Max Hutton

War Service: Army Cyclist Corps

General Information:

Red 22 - H.S.C. Ralling, Sotik AND H. St. G. Ralling, Scott Ellis & Co., Mombasa
Max Hutton - Kenya Rifle Team - Bisley 1933 - Capt. H. St. Geo. Ralling late ACC (Team Captain both matches)
Red 25 has H.S.C. Ralling, Sotik AND H.G. Ralling, Pauling & Co., Mombasa.
Red 31 - H. St. G. Ralling, c/o N.B.I., Nbi.
Hut - H.S.C. Ralling 1922 Sotik
Left Kenya 1935
1939 England and Wales Register living with wife in Tonbridge as 'farmer fruit grower'.

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