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Name: REID, W. F.

First Date: 1922

Profession: Farmer

Area: Farm 587B, Rumuruti

Book Reference: KAD, Red 25, Hut, Red 22, Land, Campling

General Information:

Land 1909 - W.F. Reid - Grazing, 1162 acres - Nyando River - 28/3/04 - Leasehold for 99 years from 1/6/07 - Registered 15/12/09
Campling - Tennis - Denis Reid, who was born in Nyeri within a few days of Dan [Trench], was often there too; the Reid  family had come to Kenya on the Soldier Settler Scheme after the First World War and had had a ranch at Rumuruti which they had lost in the depression of 1930. Denis now worked on the Bowyer's ranch in Rumuruti ……..

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