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Name: TORR, Joseph Ewart

Birth Date: 1888 Leek, Staffs.

Death Date: 22.10.1959 Nairobi

First Date: 1915

Last Date: 1959

Profession: Baker. Hotel trade

Area: Govt. Rd., Nairobi, 1925 Box 419, Nairobi, Ruiru

Married: 1. In Great Yarmouth 26 Oct 1914 Katherine Mary Fowler b. 18 July 1891 Hersham, Surrey, d. 24 Sep 1919 Nairobi; 2. In Stockport 1935 Lilly Elizabeth Moores b. 31 Jan 1886, d. 24 Aug 1979 Nairobi

Book Reference: KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Macmillan, EA & Rhodesia, Red 22, Harmony, Barnes, Nicholls, Aschan, Gazette

General Information:

Macmillan - 1930 - Lessee of Torr's Hotel, Mr J.E. Torr who became established in 1919 at Nairobi as a baker, confectioner and restaurateur. His former premises in Government Rd., were popular for everything pertaining to the baking and confectionary trade, meals, and light refreshments of all kinds and his long experience in that connection well qualifies him for making a success of his imposing new venture.
EA & Rhodesia - 10/12/59 - Mr Joseph E. Torr, who settled in Kenya in 1915, has died in Nairobi at the age of 72. He was engaged for many years in the hotel and confectionery trade in the Colony, and was widely known as the founder of Torr's Hotel. One of the earliest coffee planters, he was also interested in tea growing, and in mixed and dairy farming. When he retired in 1945 he went to live on his farm at Ruiru. He served for many years on the Muthaiga Urban District Council and the Nairobi City Council. A keen sportsman, he was a founder-member of the Muthaiga Golf Club.
Red 22 - J.E. Torr - Baker, Tea Rooms
Member of Lodge Harmony - Initiated 5/11/23, age 35, Master Baker, Nairobi, died 22/10/59
Nairobi Forest Road Cemetery - Joseph Ewart Torr, British, age 71, died 22/10/59 and Mrs K.M. Torr, British, age 28, died 24/9/19 {same grave}
Nicholls - Torr's was financed by Ewart Grogan and designed by the architect of the Muthaiga Club, Harold Henderson, who took his inspiration from Stockholm Town Hall. It was built of brick in 1928, and let to Joe and Lilly Torr, owners of a bakery and confectioner's in Government Road.
Aschan - Torr's Hotel, nicknamed Tart's Hotel. Torr's had been built by Ewart Grogan ……. He had leased it to Joe Torr who had first arrived in the country as Sir Northrup McMillan's baker.
Gazette 28/2/1920 - Probate and Administration in respect of the estate of Katherine Mary Torr late of Nairobi who died at Nairobi on 24/9/1919. Applied for by Joseph Edward Torr of Nairobi
Gazette 19/5/1920 - Application for General Retail Liquor Licence, Restaurant Liquor Licence and Hotel Liquor Licence - A. Vincent, J.E. Torr and F.H. Bumpus - Forest Hotel (formerly known as Clairmont House, Kiambu Road)
Gazette - 12/11/1919 - Register of Voters - Nairobi, North Area - Joseph Ewart Torr - Baker, 3rd Avenue, Parklands
KAD 1922 - Baker & Confectioner (& Red 25) and Grocer
Gazette - Voters List 1936 - Joseph Ewart Torr, Baker, Govt. Rd., and Mrs Lily Elizabeth Torr, Govt. Rd.
Gazette 30 May 1980 2nd wife's probate

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