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Name: HUEBNER, Richard Fritz Paul

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Birth Date: 17.8.1869 Thorn, West Prussia

Death Date: 21.2.1961 Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

Nationality: Polish

First Date: 1895

Profession: Started safari business at coast taken over by Mr Schauer. In Railway coach with Ryall when he was killed but Huebner escaped and opened a general store at the turn of the century in Victoria St., Nairobi

Area: Farmed 32,000 acres at Kibwezi, Voi

Author: Zeitenbruch in Ost-Africa 1894-1913, 1998

Book Reference: Gillett, Genesis, Permanent Way, Police, Kill, Land 1903, EAHB 1905, Hut, North, Playne, Drumkey, Land, EAS, Advertiser, EAHB 1906, Gazette, Globe, EAHB 1904, EAHB 1907, Leader14, Red Book 1912

General Information:

SE - Deutsche Englische Ostafrika Kompagnie - R.F.P. Huebner - Voi & Kibwezi - Dec 1908
Genesis - 'Our Police Superintendent, Mr Ryall, decided to wait up for the lion, and invited two friends to share his vigil: and so the three: Ryall, an Austrian named Huebner and an Italian, Parenti, set off for Kima determined to account for the man-eater. They were comfortably settled in Mr Ryall's inspection carriage, and had it shunted on to the siding - there to wait and watch through the darkness.
This was the story related to me by one of the two who got through that night of terror:- Ryall suggested they should watch in turns, and they agreed. Huebner stowed himself away on the top bunk, as his was to be the last watch, while Parenti, wrapped in his blankets, lay on the floor of the carriage. Ryall, with his rifle across his knee sat in a chair by the open window, the end door of the carriage being also open. Just as he was dropping to sleep, Parenti heard Ryall remark that a couple of rats were playing about in the dark, as he could see their eyes shining. Next came a tremendous commotion, and on attempting to rise, Parenti found himself pinned to the floor, and was nearly suffocated by a great weight on his chest. A second later there was the lion's sinister growl, and the bulky Huebner rolled off the bunk on top of the beast, thus adding his weight to the smothering Parenti beneath - but only for a moment as Huebner took refuge in the servant's compartment. Parenti was desperately striving to push upwards and actually placed his hands on the soft underside of the lion as it stood on him, the warmth of the beast and the awful smell dazed him for a while and when he next succeeded in looking up he saw that the carriage door had slid to shutting him in and the lion was disappearing through the window, dragging Ryall with him. Parenti now tried to get into the servants' compartment but the door was securely bolted and Huebner refused to open then in his excitement, Parenti jumped through the open window and made for the station calling out to the Indian Babu to come out and fetch a lantern, but naturally everybody in the station was badly scared and it was some little time before a search party started to nervously hunt around among the bush. The dimly burning lantern evidently unsettled the lion for close by they found the body of poor Ryall, badly mauled. Had Parenti not insisted on the search, no trace would ever have been found of the lion's victim; as it was, the body was reverently laid to rest in the Nairobi cemetery.   
Land Grant 1903 - R.F.P. Huebner - Agricultural, about 92 acres - Near Nairobi - Jan 1st - Leasehold. Further Grant 1903 - R.F.P. Huebner - Agricultural, 200 acres - Limuru - Aug 7 - Leasehold
North - Hansing & Co. - based at Zanzibar Dec. 1895 working in bank; moved to Mombasa & organised caravans; Hansing & Co. agent at Mombasa April 1898; about to move from Mombasa Dec 1898; with C.H. Ryall when he was killed by a lion at Kima 6/6/1900; Managing Hansen & Co. store in Nairobi 1900; Land Grant applications 2/9/1902 & 1/1/1903 near Nairobi; in London May 1903; Land Grant application 8/8/1903 Limuru
Playne - Mr Konrad Schauer has made a special business of the carrying out of safari work, that is to say, the organisation of expeditions and shooting parties to the interior. He has his own guides, hunters, and skinners (of birds and beasts), while white men are engaged for special expeditions. He prepares trophies for shipping, ships live animals, and also traps to order. Mr Schauer has had 21 years experience in the Tropics, has travelled extensively in other parts of the world, and is a great collector of trophies and curios. Most of the best known sportsmen, including Mr F.C. Selous, have been out under Mr Schauer's auspices, and some years ago he took the first collection of pigmy curios to Germany. .....…..
Close to the railway station at Kijabe there is a rest-house which was formerly the German mission station. This property, purchased by Mr Schauer in 1908, is furnished with the best European furniture and African trophies and curios. Ladies are specially catered for there during the absence of their husbands on safari, Mrs Schauer being in charge. ......... Mr Schauer has also 200 acres in German East Africa, where a shooting box is to be placed shortly; he has shooting rights over several large tracts of ground, and he intends to start an ostrich farm at Kijabe. In addition to safari work Mr Schauer arranges ten-day trips around Lake Nyanza and down the Nile, the charges for which are very moderate. ........ A European is in charge of the Mombasa offices, and Europeans also look after the branches to be found all over German EA.  This unique and highly interesting business was founded in 1903 by Mr R.F.P. Huebner and taken over by Mr Schauer three years later.
Playne - Deutsch-Englische Ost Afrika Kompagnie - formed in 1906 in Berlin with entirely German capital. The company have a concession of 50 square miles at Kibwezi and 85 sqare miles at Voi, and both properties are controlled by Mr R.F.P. Huebner, the managing director. The Kibwezi property is under the management of G.R.O. Scheffler, who was formerly in the Cameroons and also the Royal Botanical Gardens at Berlin. .....…..
Mr Huebner came to BEA in 1895 from Germany and started as manager for Hansing & Co. for four years, then went to Nairobi and started the firm of Huebner and Co., later taking over this 85 square miles from the Government and floating the present company. He is, therefore, one of the oldest settlers. Mr Huebner walked to the Lake from Machakos Road before the railway line was laid, and traded in cattle and ivory and performed the usual pioneer work.
Land - R.F.P. Huebner granted 22400 acres at Voi and 32430 acres at Kibwezi as Fibre Concession
Land - 1906 - R. Huebner - Fibre, 32,430 acres, Kibwezi, Registered 25-9-06
Land - 1907 - R.J.P. Huebner - Fibre, 35 sq. miles, Near Voi, 9-11-04, Registered 25-9-07
EAS - 15/1/1903 - Mr Huebner, of Nairobi, has arrived at the coast and will proceed on 3 months holiday in Europe
EAS - 15/1/1903 - Advert - Huebner & Co., Nairobi - Merchants, Bankers & Transport Agents
Advertiser - 2/10/1908 - Mr Huebner, one of the oldest residents in the country who has a large fibre and rubber estate at Kibwezi …..
Gazette - 12/7/16 - Trading with the Enemy - (land)
The Globe Trotter - 6th March 1907 - Our Settlers - R.F.P. Huebner is also the owner of 32,000 acres at Kibwezi, on which fibre is being cultivated.
Gazette - 15/3/1902 - Agricultural & Horticultural Show, Nairobi - 'Mr R.F.P. Huebner exhibited a fine leopard, a hyena and a monkey, a small charge was made to see the animals and the proceeds afterwards handed to the Society.
Gazette - 15/7/02 - Issued with a settlers Game Licence - 5/4/02
EAHB 1904 - Nairobi Residents - Huebner, R.F.P.
Red Book 1912 - R.F.P. Huebner - Voi

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