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Name: WILSON, Andrew J. MC

First Date: 1919

Profession: Manager, Kabete Experimental Farm

Area: Kabete Farm, Kabete

Book Reference: KAD, Hut, Barnes, Gazette

General Information:

Barnes - St. Paul's Church, Kiambu Cemetery - Alexander John Wilson, 7/6/1966 aged 42 AND Sarah Eyles Wilson, 10/10/1965 aged 18
Barnes - Mombasa Cemetery - Austin James Wilson, died 18 Nov 1930 age 22, European Hospital, Appendicitis
Gazette 24/12/1919 - Arrived on 1st Appointment - Manager Kabete Farm - 8/12/1919
Hut also has A.J. Wilson 1922 Lugari Stn
Gazette - 2/2/1921 - Appointment - Andrew J. Wilson MC, CDA (Edin) to be Manager of the Government Experimental Farm, Kabete, Nairobi wef 19/11/1920

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