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Name: ALLANBY, Henry Walter

Birth Date: 21 Dec.1871 - Bothwell, Tasmania

Death Date: Kenya

Nationality: Australian

First Date: 1925

Area: Lolgorien, via Naivasha; 1930 Elburgon

Married: 1. Edith Berendina Thornhill 1883-1919; 2. Evelyn Byram

Book Reference: Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Smeaton, Web

General Information:

Smeaton - ……. Our guests, who had given him a pioneer's funeral on the lone veldt, were now returning from accompanying Mrs Allenby back to the fringe of civilization. How tragic was her husband's death, and why it affected us all, can be understood when it is remembered that he was the only one whose wife had faced the perils of our rough life and that even on the untamed veldt she had been content to make him a home. Now he had gone on, alone. The news distresed us; somehow it seemed all wrong that one so fortunate as he should go while many with no such blessings as he possessed were left behind.
Hut - K. Prospecting Syndicate

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