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Name: ATTENBOROUGH, Frederick Luscombe

Nee: bro. of Henry Whiteway and John George Attenborough

Birth Date: 25 June 1875 Uckfield, Sussex

Death Date: 24 July 1951 Brighton, Sussex

First Date: 1908

Profession: Farmed on southern shores of Lake Naivasha, and was President of the Naivasha and District Farmers' Association in 1912. Saigo, Soy

Area: Naivasha

Book Reference: Red 25, Hut, Playne, Red 22, Land, Carnelley, Red Book 1912, Gazette, Red 19, Gillett, HBEA, Gethin, Unger, Kill, Roosevelt, Land, Carnelley, HBEA 1912

General Information:

Unger - 1909 - Roosevelt Trip - Invited to Captain R. Attenborough's [sic] farm Saigai Sai adjoining Lake Naivasha.            
Kill - Roosevelt's visit. Commander Fredrick Attenborough RN, at Saigai-Sai farm. .... Our cheery host had only recently retired from the Royal Navy and had been in command of the submarine flotilla that made the historic 1000 mile journey under the North Sea in the pioneer days of submarines. He was now farming in partenrship with his brother, and kept a steam launch on the lake to remind him of his naval days.
Roosevelt - Lake Naivasha - Next morning we shifted camp four miles to a place on the farm and near the house, of the Messrs. Attenborough, settlers on the shores of the lake, who treated us with the most generous courtesy and hospitality ...... They were two brothers, one had lived 20 years on the Pacific coast, mining in the Sierras, and the other had just retired from the British Navy, with the rank of Commander. They were able to turn their hands to anything, and were just the men for work in a new country; ........ they had a steam-launch and a big, heavy row-boat, and they most generously and kindly put both at our disposal for hippo-hunting.
Land - H.W. and F. Attenborough leased 8246 acres at Naivasha
Carnelley - Naivasha - Eric Pardoe tells the story - "… the Attenboroughs, 2 brothers, I think. One an ex RN Captain. One was married to a chorus girl who put on a fairly lascivious performance to entertain the local lads. The Attenboroughs owned 4,000 acres which became the Baird's place and included the Crater Lake, after which they named the farm with the Masai name. They built quite a large house above and behind the Baird house, on the edge of the precipitous hillock, a couple of hundred feet above the lake. They had quite a large launch for crossing the lake to reach Naivasha, which was, apparently for hire by the locals. However Attenborough, according to Eric, found a potential buyer for the farm and took him back to the house. Mrs Attenborough, on discovering why he was there, chased him round the house with six gun and told him to get the hell out of it.
HBEA 1912 shows Attenborough Bros.  HBEA also shows H.W. Attenborough as Pres. Naivasha & District Farmers Ass.
Playne - Attenborough Bros. - One of the finest views to be obtained in BEA is at Saigosoi, and estate of 5000 acres by Lake Naivasha, some 14 miles by water and 25 miles by road from Naivasha. The property was bought by Mr H.W. Attenborough and Captain F.L. Attenborough, RN, who came from England in 1908, and has 4 miles of lake frontage that can be easily fenced. One thousand acres bordering the lake are freehold, and are in extent about two and a half miles. The house (with 9 rooms) is built of stone, and has a large verandah, from which the magnificent view of the surrounding country just mentioned is obtained. The house is built on a rock which stands 225 feet above lake level, and has water on 2 sides. The name of the farm is taken from a crater which is full of salt water, situated in the centre of the property, and said to be very good for sheep. There is a 12 h.p. 10-ton launch for transport from Naivasha. The launch is always for hire to settlers round the lake and also to other passengers. It takes 2.5 hours to cross the lake. A small sailing pleasure boat is also kept.
Land - 1911 - H.W. and F. Attenborough - Grazing and agricultural, 8246 acres - Naivasha - 21/9/09 - Leasehold Under Occupation Licence for 2 to 99 years from 1/12/10 - Registered 3/7/11
Carnelley - the Attenboroughs - a fairly wild bunch.
Red Book 1912 - F.L. Attenborough - Nairobi
Gazette - 12/11/1919 - Register of Voters - Rift Valley Area - Capt. F.L. Attenborough - Farmer - Naivasha
Red Book 1919 - Capt. F L Attenborough - Settler - Naivasha
Hut has Cdr. F.L. Attenborough 1906 Saigosoi Naivasha.
Red 22 has Capt. F.L. Attenborough
Nat Probate Calendar

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