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Name: DEIMLER, James Rosingrave (Rev.)

Nationality: African

First Date: 1896

Profession: Missionary

Area: Rabai, Freretown

Book Reference: Red 25, Drumkey, Red 22, Rabai

General Information:

Rabai - Tucker - ordained Jones and Semler [Africans] to the priesthood. He also admitted J.R. Deimler to deacon's orders in 1896 - Deimler was the first student of the Divinity School to be ordained [African]
CMS archives - the Mombasa mission He was one of the original number of freed slaves and was trained by Mr Handford. There are twelve teachers and three monitors for the three schools, all of them being of my own training, and James Deimler Rosengrave, of whom I have had occasion to write on previous occasions, is in charge of the two upper schools. He has proved himself so thoroughly trustworthy, and so able a master, that I have for the last few months left him in entire charge of this department. Besides the school work, he leads the singing at every service on the American organ (the gift of so many kind contributors), and also preaches and conducts the morning prayers in turn with myself and catechist Ishmael, besides taking part in all the morning classes mentioned above.

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