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Name: KEANE, Gerald Joseph CMG, DSO (Major RAMC)

Nee: son of J.H. Keane of Liverpool

Birth Date: 18.12.1880 Birkdale, Lancs

Death Date: 18.6.1943 Newton Abbot, Devon

First Date: 1908

Profession: Joined Uganda Medical Service

Area: Kampala

Married: In London 1923 Auriol Frances Kyrle Chapman b. 22 Jan 1996 London, d. 1967 Newton Abbot

Children: Gerald Francis Geoffrey (1925 Uganda-1947); Winifred Mary (b. Boorowa)

Book Reference: Gillett, Today, Boase, Lorimer, Debrett, Red 25, Red 22, DSO, Beck, North

War Service: Major RAMC (retired) and Reserve of Officers

School: Mount St. Mary's College, Chesterfield & Liverpool University; MD, MB, ChB, DPH, DTM

General Information:

Today - From 1909 onwards Govt. concentrated on anti-venereal disease measures, and under the late D.M.S.S., Major G.J. Keane CMG, DSO treatment centres were developed throughout Uganda.
Boase - He was a Catholic, and a very fine man in many ways, but he had an inordinate fear of appearing to favour his own kind; in consequence he tended to lean in the other direction, and Mother Kevin was once heard to exclaim in a moment of exasperation that she was praying his successor would be a "decent Protestant".    
Lorimer - 1916? - a specialist in native diseases and is doing research work out here [Uganda] and his sister.
Debrett - is Dep. Director of Med. (Native) Services, Uganda  
Red 25 - MO anti-venereal disease measures Uganda 1908-14; served European War 1914-18, despatches; formed and commanded African Native Medical Corps; Specialist Officer, Venereal Diseases, Uganda 1918; Deputy PMO (NS) 1923
DSO - Fellow of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine; ent. Army 4/2/08; Capt. RAMC 4/8/11; seconded for special service, Uganda Government, since 1908; formed African Native Medical Corps; served European War; T/Major 1914-17; Despatches. DSO, London Gazette 1/2/17
Beck - Major G.J. Keane, wartime commander of the African Native Medical Corps wrote in 1919 that the war had revolutionized the conceptions "of the Europeans' duties in the matter of responsibility for medical care and treatment of natives".
Boase - started Mulago hospital as a clinic for the treatment of VD but developed rapidly into a large general hospital
Career: RAMC (1908-19); seconded to Uganda under the Colonial Office (1908-14); made permanent member of Uganda Medical Department (1914-19); DDMS (VD) Uganda (1919-28); Lecturer Makerere College, Uganda (1924-?); DMS Uganda (1928- 33); retired Devon
1939 England and Wales Register living in Mardon, Newton Abbot, with wife

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