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Name: FARRER, Frederick Liddell (Major)

Birth Date: 1 Apr 1977 London

Death Date: 15 Aug 1930 Lumbwa, suicide

First Date: 1925

Profession: Farmer at Lumbwa

Area: Kericho

Book Reference: Red 25, Hut, EAMR, Gazette, EAWL, KAD, Red 31

War Service: EAMR has F.L. Farrer - A Sqdn. 2/9/14 - Cpl. 2/9/14; Sergt. 26/9/14; Lieut. 6/1/15

General Information:

Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Fort Hall - F.L. Farrer, Kakuzi, Chania Bridge
Gazette - 11/8/1915 - Appt. - EAMR - To be Lieutenant - Sergt. Frederick Liddell Farrer
Hut - Major F.L. Farrar 1929 Chepsir Jessinende - suicide?
Memoirs of Maurice B. Tennent - 'It was whilst we were at the Creamery that we learned of the sad death, by suicide, of our next door farming neighbour, but one, a Major Farrar who had visited us on one or two occasions when taking a short cut through our farm to the Bazaar of Lumbwa township. Poor old chap, he was battling, like many others, through the dreadful depression which low price farm commodities were bringing about. Usually the remedy for this was to produce more and more and so distribute one's expenses over a greater acreage; but this was no remedy in those awful years; for the more one produced the greater one's losses, just nothing could be produced at a profit! and woe to those who had mortgages.'
KAD 1922 has Capt. T.S. Farrar, MC, Kaimosi.
Red 31 has Major F.L. Farrer, Chepsir, Lumbwa

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