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Name: KER, Donald Ian

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Nee: son of John James Ker, bro of Dennis, John Kenneth and Allan

Birth Date: 15 July 1905 Sawbridgeworth, Essex

Death Date: 12 Mar 1981 Greymouth, N. Zealand

First Date: 1911

Profession: Professional hunter, Hon Game Warden, Dir. Ker & Downey safaris. Hon Parks Warden.

Area: Nairobi, Red 31 has D.I. Kerr, c/o Shaw & Hunter, Nbi. Hut - Donald Ker Naivasha

Married: Edith McChesney b. 18 Mar 1924 Columbia, USA, d. 2003 Washington, Columbia, USA

Book Reference: Gillett, Sitrep 2, Ruark, Safari Trail, Who's Who, Red 31, Hut, Chandler

War Service: WW2 in EA Reconnaissance Corps, Armoured Car Regt & Intelligence

School: Prince of Wales School, Nbi.

General Information:

Ker - Left Southampton in 1911, when he was 5 for BEA. His parents arrived in Mombasa with 5 children aged between 6 mths. and 7 years old. ........ His first safari was when aged 16 with a schoolfriend Mike Cottar. They went to elephant country which Mike Cottar had hunted with his father. .... Later he went on safari as second hunter to the late Al Klein, another very famous white hunter.      
Safari Trail - Meeting of Professional Hunters' Association in Duke of Aosta's stables in Addis Ababa in 1942 - Philip Percival, as President in the Chair, Pat Ayre, Vivian Ward, Syd Downey, Donald Ker, "Pip" Beverley, T. Murray Smith
Darling - 1958 - Donald Ker has almost given up taking shooting safaris and goes only with those content with photography. He is President of the East African Professional Hunters' Association and one of the greatest forces for wild-life conservation in the Territory. In this he has quite a bit of trouble with the less responsible elements of his Association. He is a little dark man, restrained, polished and civilized. I liked him immediately.
Ruark - 1951 - is a small, thin, mild seeming man in his 40s
Gazette 16 Nov 1936 Voters List 1936 - Donald Ian Ker, White Hunter, Box 70, Nbi
Pre-war volunteer to the Kenya Regiment (KR 679).
Gazette 11 Sep 1981 probate required by Allan Scott Ker

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