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Name: KIRK, Herbert Clifford 'Bert' 'Bwana Marefu' (Col.)

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Nee: son of Adam Alexander Kirk, of Free State, S. Africa

Birth Date: 1886 Orange Free State, S. Africa

Death Date: 15 Nov 1957 Kitale

First Date: 1907 arrived from SA

Profession: Farmer, 1st elected member for Trans Nzoia in Legco 1914

Area: Near Sergoit and Kiminini, also established a land agency, Kitale, Hut 1909 Kedong

Married: Amy Maud Kidson b. 1900 Queenstown, S. Africa, d. 19 Aug 1987 (dau of David Alexander 'Daddy' Kidson)

Children: Reginald 'Rex' Sinclair (19 Sep 1913-6 May 2004 George, S. Africa)

Book Reference: Gillett, Eldoret, Joelson, Dunkley, Nicholson Memoirs, Roosevelt, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, EA & Rhodesia, Red 22, Trans Nzoia Scrap Book, Land, Advertiser, Gazette, Red 19

General Information:

Eldoret - trekked up here in 1907. He ran the Sergoi Store for A.C. Hoey and about 1910 bought two farms in the Sergoit Lake area. Two years later he bought another farm at Kiminini which became his permanent home. He married Amy in the DC's office and they were married by J.C. Shaw, J.P., the Standard Bank Manager. A quarter of the way through the service he decided it was enough. The wedding was a hunting occasion, the bridegroom and guests being in riding clothes and top hats. A four-wheeled buggy drawn by four mules took the honeymoon pair to Nairobi. There was no marriage register in those days. The DC did not like marrying people, so often went on safari. Twenty-two years later, friends were surprised to see an announcement of their marriage; their son, Rex, had gone to America to learn under Massey Harris, who demanded the marriage certificate of his parents. Rex was later Mayor of Eldoret. 
Dunkley - Memoirs of K.L. Hunter - " ...... Up to 1920 the Trans-Nzoia District was administered from Eldoret and towards the close of 1919 came the first Legislative Council elections. I was detailed to conduct the polling in the South West of the Trans Nzoia constituency. This polling station had 24 registered voters and the count of votes at the end of the day disclosed 17 in favour of Bert Kirk, who was declared elected. For the next 40 years he was to remain a respected member of the Trans Nzoia community, running an auctioneer and estate agent's business. His son became Mayor of Eldoret. ...… "   
Roosevelt - 1909 - At Sergoi Lake there is a store kept by Mr Kirke, a South African of Scottish blood. ...... helped arrange a Nandi lion hunt for Roosevelt.
East Africa & Rhodesia - 12/12/57 - Mr H.C. Kirk, who has died in Kenya, went to that country from South Africa just half a century ago, and began farming on his own account near Sergoit in 1910. Later he acquired another farm near Kiminini. Soon after the 1914-18 war he was elected to the Legislative Council as the first member for the Trans Nzoia. He also established a land agency business.
Trans Nzoia Scrap Book - 'Amateur Dramatics' - [1930s] …. Every play was an outstanding success! It only needed H.C. Kirk in the audience to make a play "go". His infectious laugh communicated itself to the rest of the house …..
Land 1909 - H.C. Kirk - Grazing and agricultural, 2675 acres - Uasin Gishu - 8/10/08 - Leasehold under Occupation Licence from 5 to 99 years from 1/4/09 - Registered 21/7/09
Advertiser - 27/8/1909 - Advert - Wanted - A Britisher or Colonial to manage an up country store - Rs. 150 per month. - H.C. Kirk, Sergoi Stores
Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Uasin Gishu Plateau - H.C. Kirk, Farm No. 162
Gazette 25/5/1921 - Resigned as Member of Legco for Plateau North - Herbert Clifford Kirk
Gazette 7/9/1921 - Seconder of A.C. Hoey in Legco Election - Plateau North - Herbert Clifford Kirk
Gazette - 29/10/1919 - Register of Voters - Plateau North - Herbert Clifford Kirk - Farmer, Soy
Red Book 1919 - District Committees - Uasin Gishu - H.C. Kirk
Red Book 1919- West Trans Nzoia Settlers' Association, Trans Nzoia - Chairman - H.C. Kirk
Kitale cemetery - Herbert Clifford Kirk - died 15 Nov 1957 - in loving memory / Herbert Clifford Kirk / 1886 - 1957
Nicholson - Pioneer farmer in the Trans Nzoia. Hut - Land Agency
Gazette - 26/9/1923 - Voters Register - Plateau North - Herbert Clifford Kirk, Farmer PO Soy and Annie Maude Kirk, Married PO Soy

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