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Name: HOOPER, Handley Douglas (Rev. Canon)

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Nee: son of Douglas Arthur Lowndes Hooper

Birth Date: 2.2.1891 Freretown

Death Date: 3.4.1966 Cheltenham

First Date: 1916

Profession: CMS

Area: Fort Hall

Married: In Cheltenham 21 Sep 1915 Margaret Cicely Winterbotham b. 21 Dec 1891 Cheltenham, d. 14 Oct 1982 Cheltenham

Children: John Bartlett (26 Apr 1919-19 Sep 1988 Truro); Cyril James Douglas (Fort Hall 28 Aug 1916-1999); dau

Author: 'Africa In The Making' 1926 - Edinburgh House Press, London (textbook)

Book Reference: Red 25, Hut, Red 22, Nicholls, Foster, Rabai, Gazette

School: Cambridge University

General Information:

Red 22 - Kahuhia, Fort Hall
Nicholls - Handley Hooper at Kahuhia had similarly strong views as Owen {Archdeacon W.E. Owen}, but was far more circumspect when advocating African interests
Foster - After ordination he came to Kenya in 1916 to assist his father at CMS Kahuhia Mission. In 1926 he was appointed the Africa Secretary of CMS based in London, until 1950 when he retired and was appointed Rector of Houlton Parish in Oxfordshire.
Rabai - At Kahuhia the local authorities were wary of offending Kenya-born Handley Hooper and his wife Cecily, who had very strong views about labour. Handley was the son of the veteran missionary Douglas Hooper and father of the third generation Missionary Cyril Hooper.
Gazette - 29/10/1919 - Register of Voters - Ukamba Area - Handley Douglas Hooper - Clerk in Holy Orders, CMS Kahuhia, Fort Hall and Margaret Cicely Hooper - Married woman, CMS Kahuhia, Fort Hall

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