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Name: HOPKINS, Arthur Joseph 'Mwigithania' [the reconciler] OBE (Rev.)

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Birth Date: 11 May 1883 Aston, Birmingham [?5 Nov 1883]

Death Date: 20 May 1965 Bournemouth

First Date: 1918

Last Date: 1950

Profession: United Methodist C. Mission missionary

Area: Mazeras, Meru, Ribe 1925-7

Married: In Middlesbrough 1912 Amy Gertrude Packett b. 1884 Middlesbrough, d. 1964 Bournemouth

Children: John (20 June 1914 Lancashire-7 Feb 2002 Bournemouth)

Author: Trail Blazers and Road Makers, 1928; The Methodist Church in Kenya, 1962

Book Reference: Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Red 22, Gerrard, Foster, William de Villiers, Witchmen

School: King Edward's Grammar Sch, Birmingham

General Information:

Red 22 - Ngao, Tana River, Lamu
Gerrard - Mr Hopkins was the chairman of the Kenya Methodist missions. Arthur Hopkins, who was three years older than my father [Bert Gerrard]  came of good Methodist stock, for both his father and grandfather had been Methodist ministers. He himself had wanted to break new ground; he wanted to be a missionary. He went out to East Africa for the first time in 1918 to Ribe near Mombasa. He was twice invalided home, but was sent out a third time in 1928 to replace R.T. Worthington, the chairman of the Kenya district who had suddenly and unexectedly died. Arthur worked hard to establish interdenominational harmony and was so successful that he was known as 'Mwigithan' the conciliator.
William de Villiers - General Superintendent of the Kenya District, Methodist Missionary Society. He was born on 5 November 1883 at No. 7, Needham Street, Aston, near Birmingham, the son of the Rev. John George Hopkins and his wife Ellen Rebekah Folkard. He trained and was ordained as a Minister in the United Methodist Church. He married Amy Gertrude Packett in 1912 and they had a son John - born in 1914. Mr Hopkins went out to British East Africa as a missionary under the aegis of the United Methodist Missionary Society in 1918, and took up duties as Superintendent of the Coast Circuit, working from the mission at Ribe. He was granted leave in 1921, and on his return to Kenya, was posted to the mission's station on the Tana River. In 1923 he commenced work in the Meru country, but was invalided home. He returned to Kenya in 1924 and was again posted to Ribe, where he commenced teacher training courses. In 1927 he returned to the Meru country, but was again invalided homein 1929. He returned to Kenya in 1933/34 and assumed duty as Superintendent of the Methodist Missionary Society. In 1934 he returned yet again to Meru and resumed mission work there. He retired as Chairman and General Superintendent of the Kenya District, Methodist Missionary Society in August 1950 and sailed for England in September 1950. He was created an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the New Year's Honours List 1951. He retired to live at No. 10 Dingle Road, Boscombe in Bournemouth in about 1958, and died, aged 81 years in Bournemouth in 1965. He published "Trail Blazers and Road Makers: a History of the East African Mission of the United Methodist Church" in 1928, and completed a translation of the New Testament into the Meru language in 1950.
Foster - 1950 retired and left Kenya after 32 years service.
Gazette - 7/5/1929 - Expunged from Coast Register of Voter - Left Area - Arthur Joseph Hopkins - Missionary, Ngao, Tana River, Ribe
Gazette - 26/9/1923 - Voters Register - Coast - Arthur Joseph Hopkins, Missionary, Ngao, Tana River

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