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Name: LECONTE, Paul (Father)

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Birth Date: 19.11.1873 Caligny, Orne

Death Date: 17.11.1924 Zanzibar

Nationality: French

First Date: 1900

Last Date: 1924

Profession: Holy Ghost Fathers - Bura Mission near Voi from 1900. RC Mission, Kiambu

Area: Kiambu 1922, 1919 Kabaa

Book Reference: Red 25, North, Baur, Red 22, KAD, Hut

General Information:

Baur - A more concerted attempt to enter Ukambani was made by the 2 Holy Ghost Fathers Leconte and Blais in 1912. They opted for a hill called Kombe, not too far away from Mangu.

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