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Name: STAM, Nicholas (Rev. Father)

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Birth Date: 29.12.1876 Weesp, Harlaan, Holland

Death Date: 26.5.1949 Hoorn, Holland

First Date: 1902

Last Date: 1946

Profession: Mill Hill Fathers missionary

Area: Mumias

Book Reference: Red 25, Red 31, Hut, North, Red 22, Leader14, Baur, Norden

General Information:

North has Fr. Stam, Mill Hill Fathers - 4th MHF caravan to Uganda; arr. Kampala 5/3/1902, posted to Nagalama 5/3/1902
Baur - Fr. Stam, the great apostle of the Luhya, arrived in 1916. He was to make Mumias the second largest parish, after Kakamega.
Baur - WW1 Kisii - The Germans occupied Kisii on 11 September 1914, but were soon expelled by the British. Once more there was a punitive action: this time the cattle of the Gusii were rounded up. Fr. Stam, the Catholic priest who accompanied the returning British troops, had to face open Gusii hostility. Repeatedly he was threatened with death; but he impressed the people with his fearlessness. Accompanied only by his dog, he confronted them and they withdrew each time. However he was not able to buy food, so that after a hopeless year he decided to close the mission till better times would come, perhaps after the war had ended. Indeed, in 1918 a Gusii messenger was sent to Fr. Stam, then in Mumias, with the request that he, the 'Mugaka' (Big Man) should come back. Fr. Stam, however, could not leave Mumias; instead Fr. Wall returned to Kisii and reopened Nyabururu in 1919. He resigned in 1946 and spent the last 3 years of his life in his Dutch home country.
Norden - 1923 - Mumias - once a government station, but is now deserted because blackwater fever carried off one European after another. But one man refused either to die or be frightened away, and he is still robust after 12 years of work in that notorious region. Father Starn may yet be found at Mumias, a joy to the wayfarer for his genial personality and his talk.

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