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Name: TOOTH, Lawrence

Birth Date: ?1880 Brighton, bapt. 16 Sep

First Date: 1918

Profession: Crown Counsel, Kenya 1918-19

Book Reference: Red 25, Gazette, Powys, Red 19

General Information:

Gazette 8/5/1918 - Arrived on 1st Appointment - Crown Counsel - 30/4/1918
Powys - Ebony and Ivory - (sea journey home by SS Rufus Castle) - June 26th - Arrived at Durban this morning. Walked with Lawrence Tooth to the sea front …… June 27th - To the Zoo with Tooth. Far the best place we have yet found. We saw a wonderful monkey. It's rainbow coloured, lewd, bizarre appearance filled Tooth with horror. He declared that if he could, he would obliterate such creatures from the face of the earth. But I liked to see it. The more extravagant the creation the more in keeping with this brave fantastical Universe. Drank tea on the lawn outside, all very harmonious. June 28th - Sitting this evening on deck, suddenly we hear a roar of fog-horns, sirens, hooters. We knew at once that Peace had been signed. "I am glad they have been done down," said Tooth, "they really were a frightful menace to civilization."
Red Book 1919 - Crown Counsel - L. Tooth

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