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Name: JARRETT, Esther 'Hetty', Mrs

Nee: Esther 'Hetty' Jacobs, dau of Dora Jacobs

Birth Date: 1881

First Date: 1925

Profession: Manageress, Oakleigh Private Hotel (off Ngara Road, Parklands, Nairobi)

Area: Nairobi

Married: Gus Jarrettsky, musician

Book Reference: Red 25, Red 31, Macmillan, Glimpses

General Information:

Macmillan - 1930 - Hotel Avenue, built in 1928 and owned by Mr James Walker, an enterprising Scotsman, who developed the great business of The Dairy Farm Ice and Cold Storage Co. Ltd. at Hong Kong. …. The lessees of the Hotel are Mr H.E. Waller, Mrs H. Jarrett and Mr R.T. Bowyer, all active partners in the very popular and nicely appointed Trocadero Restaurant in Government Road and also in the Oakleigh Hotel, excellently situated about a mile from the centre of Nairobi. The Oakleigh Hotel was started a few years ago …. Has 54 bedrooms and is exceedingly comfortable in every way.
Glimpses - Sam Jacobs had a couple of sisters. One was Hetty Jarrett, who became a hotelier in her own right; she was the original owner of the Avenue Hotel and later acquired the Oakleigh, the Victoria restaurant down by the railway station, and also the Trocadero restaurant.
Gazette - 25/3/1925 - Notice of Change of Surname - Hetty Jarrett heretofore called and known by the name of Hetty Jaretsky of Nairobi, married woman.

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