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Name: BOLDT, Marie Bertha Dorothea, Miss

Birth Date: 20.10.1861 Kehrwieder, Germany

Death Date: 1956 Kisumu

Nationality: US

First Date: Feb 1906

Last Date: 1956

Profession: Director, Independent Nilotic Mission - established in EA in 1906, of American origin. Its objects are evangelical and educational

Area: Ogada Mission Station, Kisumu

Book Reference: Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Thurston, Red 22, Grasshoppers, Land, CO, Barnes, Red Book 1912

General Information:

Thurstan - CO 533, 570 - 1925-26, Naturalization: Miss Bertha Dorothea Boldt
Grasshoppers - An American, Miss Boldt, heard God's call to Kenya while working among Zulus in South Africa. Moving north, she met farmers, Mr and Mrs McLellan Wilson (who had first arrived with Scott ten years previously). They pointed her to the Luo of western Kenya. She established The Independent Nilotic Mission close to Lake Victoria in 1906 and called her friends , Mr & Mrs Innis to join her. They gladly surrendered their autonomy to become part of AIM and the nucleus of a team for the Luo.
Land 1909 - Miss B.D. Boldt (on behalf of the Maragoli Mission Society of the Ogada Mission) - Mission purposes, 36.6 acres - About 5 miles N.W. of Port Florence - 18/6/06 - Leasehold for 99 years from 1/1/09 Registered 16/7/09
CO 533/570 - 1925 - Applying for certificate of naturalisation - Originally German she left Germany in 1873 aged 11 and went to the USA. She never went back to Germany. Joined the Ogada Mission, Central Kavirondo District - Independent Nilotic Mission. In 1899 she went to Natal and then in 1906 to British East Africa and stayed in BEA until 1925.
Kisumu cemetery - Bertha D. Boldt 1861 - 1956 missionary to Kenya 51 years
Red Book 1912 - Bertha D. Boldt - Nyadach
Emigrated to USA March 1873, lived at Charlotte, Iowa

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