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Name: CLUTSOM, Gerald

Birth Date: 21 Nov 1901 Tiverton

Death Date: 15 May 1979 Newton Abbot

First Date: 1925

Profession: Coffee farm manager at Ruiru, labour officer 1950

Area: Rueru Estate, 1930 Kipsitoi, Songhor

Book Reference: OB, Red 31, T.R. Penny, mini-Sitrep 8, Hut

School: Blundell's School, DB 1913-20

General Information:

mini-Sitrep 8 - (Mau Mau times) - Clutsom and Duffey were the jokers; a Laurel and Hardy act. Clutsom was small, although witty and tough, with a bent nose that signalled caution was advisable when pulling his leg. Duffy was big but got flattened in a fight one night against another Kenya opponent's partner, and said to him, "Oh well, I suppose I better take you on now". It was a dreadful decision. Stooge Stocker hammered Clutsom across the floor. They all repaired to the bar for another drink, big pals; remarking what a good evening they'd had.
Retired to England

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