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Name: AXELSSEN, Sven Petter

Birth Date: 16 Feb 1899 Karlsborg, Sweden

Death Date: 27 May 1981 Karlsborg

First Date: 1922

Profession: Sawmill

Area: Endebess

Married: In Karlsborg 26 Feb 1926 Ruth Margit Linnea Hellstrom b. 4 Dec 1903 Ostersund, d. 17 Mar 1989 Karlsborg

Children: Sven Gunnar Ullin (18 Mar 1927 Kenya); Carl-Johan (26 Aug 1930 Kitale-2010)

Book Reference: Red 31, Hut, Trans Nzoia Scrap Book

General Information:

Mount Elgon Saw Mill - In about 1910 Odin Sunde set up a saw mill on the Rongai River which flows down the North-East slope of Mount Elgon. His home-made water wheel drove the circular saw and the rawhide belt was regularly chewed up by hyenas at night. His Post Office was Soy, 45 miles away, and all timber had to be moved the 120 miles to railhead at Londiani by ox-wagons without benefit of roads or bridges. In 1922, with a loan from Henry Mitford-Barberton and in partnership with Sven Lovan and Petter Axelsson, Odin established a new mill further north near the Chepchoine River. In 1927 Edward Josselyn, late works manager of Arthur Ransome & Co., bought out Loven and Axelsson and two years later with Leigh Norman as third partner yet another mill with up-to-date equipment was built near the Kwoitobbos River. Two of Odin's sons, Odin and Arthur, were by then helping in the family business, and in 1930 Mount Elgon Saw Mills was registered in Uganda. The following year Leigh Norman left the mill and bought a farm near Endebess which he called 'Dunmillin'. When his friends enquired as to the origin of this unusual name, he would only look at them with a twinkle in his very blue eye and we have been left to speculate ever since! In 1934 Edward Josselyn became the sole owner of what was by now a limited liability company, and his son Dick came out from England to learn the trade, which was a fortunate arrangement as Edward died that same year while on a business trip to Rhodesia. Since then the Mill has been run by his wife and son, but in 1937 'Tub' Roberts joined the firm as manager and in true tradition married the boss's daughter Mary.
Trans Nzoia Scrap Book - A.J. Tweedie bought Suam Sawmill in 1925/6 with Will Hoey, Petter Axelsson and Aschen. Norman Tweedie joined it in 1928, taking over the office side, while Axelsson managed the mill. ….. In 1939 Axelsson left ….. {for more see J.N. Tweedie}

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