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Name: HITCH, Andrew Walter Stanley

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Nee: bro-in-law of Hayden and Ronald Buddery

Birth Date: 4 Sep 1902 Wandsworth, London

Death Date: 23 Mar 1954 Nairobi

First Date: 1930

Last Date: 1954

Profession: Director, Roadways Ltd, Kisumu

Area: Eldoret, Kisumu

Married: 1. In Mombasa 1927 Lorna Buddery b. 26.5.1902 Weymouth, d. Apr 1986 Whitby (later m. D.H.M. Rames-Taylor 1898-1967). She was the sister of Ronald Buddery; 2. Olga Marie Louise b. 1905, d. 11 July 1951 Nairobi; 3. In Nairobi 12.1.1952 Victoria May Bowen Jones b. 17.5.1901 Wales, d. 1968 Queensland, Australia (prev. m. to George Albert Finegan b. 1887 and Geoffrey Forest)

Children: Terry (17 Sep 1928 Kenya-30 Jan 1929); Ann Mary Lorna (7 Sep 1929 Eldoret-2007); Andrew Stanley (18 Sep 1935 Kenya-2003)

Book Reference: Red 31, Barnes

General Information:

Nairobi City Park cemetery - Andrew Walter Stanley Hitch, died 23 Mar 1954 aged 52 AND Olga Louise Hitch, died 11 Jul 1951 aged 46
Thika Anglican cemetery - Olga Maria Louise Hitch, died July 1951 aged 46
Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Nyanza Voters List
Letters of Charlotte Hitch (Buddery): A family story has him being sent to South Africa when he was thought to be wanting to marry an unsuitable woman. However, that person followed him and they were married in Mombasa where he had moved after leaving South Africa. Was managing a farm near Eldoret and was helped by Lorna’s younger brother Ronald. Andrew and Lorna has a stormy relationship. No one had several relationships rich ended when Stan deserted from the army and chased them down the street with a shot gun. After the war the pair divorced. Lorna married again and had a son who died in a bike accident aged 22. Lorna lived in Kenya until 1983. Furse (wife Hilda), who lived 3 miles away temporarily in the Hoeys' bungalow, looked after the cattle on the farm. Major Pardoe was the 'Lord High Manager' for A.C. Hoey. Hoey's Bridge composed of a station, a store kept by Major Hill, a post office and a garage. Mr Brook came to look at the tractor - an odd little northcountryman with wonderful eyelashes and a wellington nose, a famous jockey in these parts. Lt. Bill Easterbrook is the local police inspector at Soy - big and gentle, has large gramophone collection because interested in music. 
Stan is an inveterate loafer and the only way to manage him is to accompany him everywhere. Lorna does not do this. 
He was dismissed by Cecil Hoey from managing the farm in 1929.
Mrs Alan Thompson [sic] owned the farm.
They were near neighbours of the Furse's.
Charlotte Hitch letter 22 Nov 1929 They Went to Eldoret to see Hoey. He said Stan was to get off the farm by the following Saturday and would be given a month's salary in lieu of notice and no testimonial. His successor is one Petrie, who has been running Matunda, and Furse is now to run the pigs well as the cattle. The reason for the dismissal was that the pigs had been losing 20 pounds per month lately and it was thought that Stan was concealing the fact. ' Hoey is a fearful liar and the most persuasive rogue.'

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