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Name: NOURSE, Allen Gordon

Nee: bro of Henry Maynard Nourse

Birth Date: 1875 S. Africa

Death Date: 24 Jan 1954 Mombasa

First Date: 1903

Last Date: 1954

Profession: An engineer by profession, in 1912 he became a partner with Major Milligan. Land Grant 1903 H.A. Nourse, Agricultural, 640 acres, 200 acres within railway zone at mile 328 and further, Aug 21, 640 acres freehold, 200 acres leasehold

Area: Red 25 has A. G. Nourse, c/o Milligan & Co., Nairobi

Married: Elsie Deakin d. 5 Dec 1981 Mombasa

Book Reference: Gillett, Land 1903, EAHB 1905, Red 25, Red 31, North, EA & Rhodesia, Red 22, Barnes

War Service: East African units

General Information:

EAHB 1905 - Post Office, Nandi
Macmillan - 1930 - The business of J.W. Milligan and Co., Export & Import Merchants, Land, Estate and Managing Agents, was started in 1912 by the gentleman whose name it bears, Major J.W. Milligan, DSO and who, in 1912 took into partnership Mr A.G. Nourse.
East Africa & Rhodesia - 4/3/54 - Mr A.G. Nourse, who has died in Mombasa at the age of 80, went to Kenya from South Africa in 1914. He was interested in mining and prospecting. Latterly he had an estate business at the coast.
Red 22 - A.G. Nourse, Box 148, Nairobi
North -  has A.H. Nourse. Engineer; Land Grant application, 'At Mile 328 & further' (OG) 21/8/1903; 1905 at Nandi
Mombasa Mbaraki cemetery - Alan G. Nourse, died 24 Jan 1954 age 79, European Hospital, Coronary Artery Disease
Gazette - 2/5/1917 - Wine Merchants and Grocers Liquor Licence - A.G. Nourse, Cearn's Buildings, Govt. Rd., Nairobi
Gazette 16 Nov 1936 Voters List 1936 - Alan Gordon, Nourse, Agent, Stanley House, Nbi. And Elsie Deakin Nourse, Kabete Rd.
Gazette 24 Dec 1981 wife's probate
Gazette 22 Mar 1938 Allen Gordon Nourse, trading as 'A. G. Nourse & Co.' bankrupt
Large Nourse family in S. Africa - he may have been born there.

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