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Name: MARDIGS, Pincus G.

First Date: 1920s

Profession: Tailor

Area: Box 642, Nairobi

Married: Gina

Book Reference: Red 31, Glimpses

General Information:

Glimpses - In the early 1920s Abraham Block's friend Simon Medicks brought out family members, his cousin the tinsmith Abraham (Alf) Medicks and his wife, Bela (who was also a cousin), and their 2 sons, Stanley and Mervyn, and another relative, a tailor named Pincus Mardigs. …………………  And Pincus Mardigs made a name for himself as a very good gent's tailor.
Gazette 14 Oct 1952 dissolution of partnership betweem Szaja Majester, Gina Mardigs and Paul Mardigs in business of Mardigs & Brief Nairobi

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