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Name: MEGSON, Peter Douglas Hill

Nee: son of Douglas Manfred Megson

Birth Date: 5.8.1926 Kitale

Death Date: 14.9.1994 S. Africa

First Date: 1930

Profession: Vet officer

Area: Kitale

Married: Elizabeth 'Betty' Robertson d. 11.1.2000 S. Africa

Children: Sharon; Colleen

Book Reference: Red 31, Hut, Ord, Macmillan

General Information:

Ord - Peter Megson, a veterinary officer. …….
Macmillan 1930 -  Megson and Pharazyn Limited - The business of Messrs Megson and Pharazyn Ltd was one of the first concerns started at Bahati Township in 1923 when that place was intended as the site upon and around which local commercial activities would revolve. A year later it was transferred  to where the town of Kitale now is and underwent very rapid development; so much so that there was difficulty in getting suitable and reliable assistants for the many departments into which the undertaking expanded. Accordingly in the early part of 1929 the shareholders of the limited liability company into which the firm had been formed on June 30th 1928 arranged to their mutual satisfaction and for the greater enhancement of their interests to divide the business into separate and distinct concerns.
Thus the printing department executing general jobbing and commercial work is now owned and operated by Mr E.L. Pharazyn and is the only enterprise of the kind in the town. Mr Pharazyn is the printer and publisher of 'The Trans Nzoia Post' which is an excellent advertising medium issued free every week and has a circulation of 700. It may be mentioned that the printing department was initiated by Mr P. Megson of Messrs A. Megson and Sons Ltd. The well-known printers of Manchester who went from that city to Kitale specially for the purpose and who is at the time of writing still supervising its affairs. Three of the share holders took over the department for hardware and implements and are running it under the title Associated Hardware. Mr F.L. Megson who founded the business with Mr Pharazyn and is cousin of Mr A. Megson already referred to holds the controlling interest in the remaining departments which are carried on under the name of Megson and Pharazyn Ltd.
Gazette 16 June 1953 to act as Chief Grader and Inspector, Dept. of Agriculture
Penelope Deubel In childhood he was judged to be of fragile health (frequent bouts of malaria) and was taken to England in 1937 to live with an aunt and uncle in their home  « Low Hall » in Yorkshire West Riding.   He grew up with his cousins and went to school at Grosvenor House, after which he went to Trent College.  He did not come back to Kenya until he was domobilized from WW II during which he served in the Royal  Navy. On being demobilised from the Royal Navy he returned to Kenya where he later served in the Kenya Police during the Mau Mau.  He worked for the Maize Control Board in Mombasa.  Independence was granted to Kenya in 1964 after which on 07.06.1968 the whole family left for Durban in South Africa where Peter worked for a company called Bakers Ltd.

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