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Name: PARKER, Henry Perrott (Rt. Rev.)

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Birth Date: 1852 Bitton, Glos.

Death Date: 26 Mar 1888 Usambiro, bilious fever

First Date: 1886

Last Date: 1888

Profession: Followed Bishop Hannington as Bishop of Uganda when the latter was murdered in 1885 but died 18 months after his consecration

Area: Uganda

Book Reference: Gillett, Watt, Tucker, CMS

School: Trinity Coll. Cambridge

General Information:

Watt - On Mr Blackburne's return to Africa after furlough he travelled up-country with the newly-appointed Bishop Parker (Hannington's successor). They had only arrived at the south end of the lake when Blackburne was prostrated with severe fever, and without much premonitory sign of death he suddenly fell asleep in Jesus. ............. Immediately afterwards the Bishop himself took seriously ill with fever, and so rapid was the course of the disease that in 48 hours he, too, had succumbed to this malignant scourge of tropical Africa.'
CMS 1878 - Age 26. Of Upton Cheyney, Gloucestershire. Private School. Trinity College, Cambridge, BA (2nd Class Theol. Tripos), 1875; 1878 MA. 1876 Deacon and 1877 Priest by Bishop of Exeter. 1876-78 Curate of Holy Trinity, Exeter. 1878 Oct. to Calcutta as Joint Secretary of Corres. Comee ……… {India} …….. 1886, July 6 invited to accept Bishopric of Eastern Equatorial Africa on murder of Bishop Hannington. Aug 10 to England; Oct 18, consecrated in St. James' Paddington by Archbishop of Canterbury and other Bishops, second Bishop of the Church of England in EA and left England Nov 3. Service, before consecration, 8 years. 21st Bishop from CMS ranks, and 4th Bishop given by India to other Missions; 1888, Mar 26 died at Usambiro. Brother of Mrs Harington also a CMS Missionary.
Mombasa Cathedral plaque: this Chancel was erected / to the glory of God / and in loving memory of / Henry Perrott Parker M.A. / consecrated Oct 18th 1886 / second Bishop / of the Diocese of / Eastern Equatorial Africa / he died at Usambwiro / March 26th 1888

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