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Name: PEARSON, Peter Christian

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Birth Date: 16 Jan 1877 Melbourne, Australia

Death Date: 10 Sep 1929 Kampala

First Date: 1904

Profession: White Hunter and safari outfitter

Area: Lived on Mombasa Road, near Nairobi

Book Reference: Gillett, Jordan, Adventurers, Rundgren, Archer, Medals, Chandler

School: Caulfield Grammar School

General Information:

Adventurers - The Lado Enclave - 1909? - 'The hunter Pearson had shot an elephant and decided to have his photograph taken standing on its back. While this was taking place he saw some more elephant, and immediately went off after them. On his return he found that the elephant on which he had been photographed had, during his absence, got up and walked away, and he never saw it again. ..…..  
Adventurers - Lado Enclave - '.... Clarke and Pearson, for example, were two good and true men, who played their part well in those halcyon times, and are today game rangers in Kenya and Uganda respectively.' ....….    
Rundgren - hunted elephant in French Equatorial Africa where licences allowed him to kill any number of elephant ............ the only animal capable of killing him was a doctor. Died of acute appendicitis which had been wrongly diagnosed by a doctor who treated him for an alcoholic liver, and was buried in a lonely grave on a hill overlooking Lake Albert.
Archer - mention of Peter Pearson elephant hunting with Archer in the Masindi District. …….. To finish the story of Pete Pearson. In the time of my successor, Sir William Gowers, he was selected to be second White Hunter with Captain Salmon to accompany the Prince of Wales on his shooting trip. They had to stand the charge of a solitary bull in dense elephant grass just north of the Victoria Nile where it flows into Lake Albert. It must have given H.R.H. all the thrill he wanted! Soon after this, old Pete went the way of all flesh, but he had lived a pretty hard, not to say hectic life.
Medals - East African Intelligence Department - P.C. Pearson, No. 2763
Chandler - Pearson, a tall, well-built Australian, began elephant hunting in the Lado Enclave shortly after the turn of the last century ……………. Born in Australia on 16 January 1877, he joined with the veteran Bill Buckley on an ivory safari into the Lado Enclave in 1904. He used a .577 Nitro Express double rifle for his elephant hunting. He was very successful at this pursuit, killing hundreds of bulls in the Lado, including one with tusks of 155 and 153 pounds. Pearson remained in the district for several years but left when the Lado became British territory. …………….
After WW1 Pearson hunted for a while in formerly German Tanganyika, then returned to Uganda, where he became one of the first elephant control specialists in the 1920s. ……………..
In 1924 Pearson and fellow game ranger Samaki Salmon guided the Duke and Duchess of York …… on a successful safari through the wilds of Uganda. Four years later Pearson and Salmon hunted with another royal party, the Prince of Wales and his younger brother the Duke of Gloucester. …………… Still a relatively young man, and one whose habits were largely healthy (except for a fondness for champagne), Pearson nevertheless took sick in the summer of 1929. Tests revealed that he was suffering from cancer. The prognosis was hopeless, and Pete Pearson died in a Kampala hospital on 10 September 1929.
Jordan - mauled by a lion, he wrestled with it, punching it until his friend Tarleton could shoot it.

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