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Name: PERROTT, Muriel M., Miss

Birth Date: 6 June 1913

Death Date: 28 Dec 1996 Buffalo, New York

Nationality: British

First Date: 1924

Last Date: 1931

Profession: Africa Inland Mission

Area: Kijabe

Book Reference: Red 31, Hut, Dow

General Information:

Dow - " … one woman, Miss Muriel Perrott, stands out during this period as a voice for quality education at the school. Miss Perrott was the first teacher since Miss Hope to come to Kijabe for the specific purpose of teaching a the Academy. During her time at RVA Shakespeare and Latin were stressed within a generally humanities-based British curriculum. Tiny and slightly hunchbacked, Miss Perrott was not an imposing figure, yet her love for the students and teaching made a powerful impression on those who attended the school at this time. ……….
Even after she left AIM and the school, Miss Perrott displayed a deep commitment to her students writing many of them consistently until her death some 40 years later. ….. Yet the legacy of this small and unheralded British schoolteacher did not end with academics. Indeed, up until the late 1970s it was impossible to attend RVA without being directly touched by Miss Perrott's efforts.
Convinced that the British system represented the very best in education, Miss Perrott saw to it that its tried and true traditions were implemented at RVA. As head teacher from 1924 until 1927, Miss Perrott instituted the two-house system. …….. The value of team sports in character building led Miss Perrott to introduce to the school rounders, cricket and several other British sporting activities. …….. Miss Perrott left RVA for a personal furlough in 1931 and never returned.

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