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Name: PILLIERON, Elise Andre

Death Date: 2 Feb 1956 Eldoret

Profession: KUR Sanitary Inspector

Area: Mombasa, Eldoret

Book Reference: Red 31, Red 22, Gazette

General Information:

Red 22 - A. Pillieron, Uganda Railway, Kilindini
Gazette 3 Nov 1926 has E.A. Pillieron, Sanitary Inspector KUR
Gazette 3 April 1956 has probate for Elise Andre Pillieron, of Eldoret, deceased 2 Feb 1956
Tom Lawrence:1922 According to the Red Book (1922 Ed.) A. Pillieron was living in Kilindini and worked with the Uganda Railway
1926 (3rd Nov) E.A. Pillieron, Sanitary Inspector KUR
1929 (28th April) On the list of civil servants departing is E.A. Pillieron, Sanitary Inspector, K & U Railway [sic] departing in leave. At the same time was G.W. Greener a 1st Class Artisan, also with the K & U Railway (Kenya Gazette, 7th May 1929, p. 698).
1929 (24th Oct) E.A. Pillieron, Sanitary Overseer for the K & U Railway embarks on a ship from England, return from leave from his 1st appointment. He arrives in Mombasa on 10th Nov 1929 (Gazette, 26th Nov 1929, p. 2434). So in effect he has been on leave to the UK for 157 days.
1942 (30th June) CQMS C.A.D. Pillieron (B. 76) appears to be up for some sort of military award. He falls under the category East African Forces, Commands and Staff (Supplement to the London Gazette, 30th June 1942, p. 2859).
1956 (2nd Feb) Elise Andre Pillieron of P.O. Box 65, Eldoret, died (Gazette, 3rd April 1956, p 288).
1956 (30th April The date on which the will of Elise Andre Pillieron will be processed and the contents distributed by Messrs. Atkinson, Cleasby & Co. of P.O. Box 29, Mombasa (Gazette, 3rd April 1956, p 288). There is no mention of who the recipient of the will is -it could be that E.A. Pillieron was not married?
1956 (11th Sept) In the list of expungements for Electoral Roll for Mombasa (Electoral Area No. 4) is Elise Andre Pillieron, an Overseer by profession, of P.O. Box 377, Mombasa (Gazette, 11th Sept 1956, p. 858).
 In the list of additions to the Electoral Roll for Nairobi North (Electoral Area No. 14) there are two Pillierons: Charles Auguste Desire Pillieron, an Accountant of P.O. Box 2207, Nairobi, and Marie Julia Leontine Renee Pillieron, a Cashier, and also of P.O. Box 2207, Nairobi (Gazette, 11th Sept 1956, p. 887).
1963 (2nd Jan) On, or around this date Mr. & Mrs. Andre Pillieron arrived in Oceania [presumably Sydney?] with their two sons Jaques and Pierre and will live in Brisbane. Their son Ralph is still working under contract at that time for a coffee estate near Nairobi (The Sydney Morning herald, 3rd Jan 1963, p. 10). The two sons, Jaques and Pierre presumably are the two nephews of Charles August Desire Pillieron who died in 1988? And if so, does this mean that this Mrs. Andre Pillieron is M.C.R. Pillieron, sister of C.A.D. Pillieron? I suspect that this is a different Pillieron -possibly the Andre Pillieron, who fought in WWI with the E.A. Supply Corps?.
Email from David Reeve, the following had been posted on Facebook “Ralph went to school with me at Kenton College after his mother’s death, the family went to Australia he went onto Malaysia and was killed in an aircraft crash” 
1964 (5th March)The Municipal Council of Eldoret announces that Shakespeare Rd within the Municipality is not constructed to the satisfaction of the council. They propose to upgrade the road to a light bitumen finish with drains. Mrs. E.J.L. Pillieron of P.O. Box 560, Eldoret, owner of Plot No. 6114/152 has 322ft.’s worth of frontage, and the plot is 3.5 acres. The dues calculated on these two factors are therefore 1,757.04 shillings (Gazette, 24th March 1964, p. 247).
1987 (3rd Nov) Charles Auguste Desire Pillieron of Nairobi, Kenya dies (Gazette, 13th May 1988, p. 632).
1988 (11th May) Through Kaplan & Stratton, Vincent Cedric and Ghislaine Therese Gontier apply for letters of administration for the will of Charles Auguste Desire Pillieron on behalf of 1) Marie Clementine Roxane Pillieron (sister), 2) Jaques Pillieron (nephew) and 3) Pierre Pillieron (nephew). This was Cause no. 187 of 1988 (Gazette, 13th May 1988, p. 632). M.C.R. Pillieron, it is likely that she would be unmarried, if she maintained the name Pillieron?

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