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Name: POWELL, Henry 'Harry'

Birth Date: 1864

Death Date: 5 June 1920 Mombasa

First Date: 1903

Last Date: 1920

Profession: Curator of Botanic Gardens, St. Vincent, West Indies in 1890, became Asst. to Director of Agriculture, EAP, in 1903. 1912 - Chief of Division, Economic Plants Division, Agric. Dept.

Area: Nairobi, Red 25 has H.W. Powell, Box 9, Nairobi

Book Reference: Gillett, HBEA, KFA, EAHB 1905, Red 25, Playne, Drumkey, EAHB 1906, Gazette, Harmony, North, EAHB 1907, Leader14, Barnes, Red Book 1912, Red 19

General Information:

KFA - Randall Swift and E. Rutherford asked Henry Powell to get them 200,000 sisal bulbils from German territory, during a visit he had planned in 1908. Getting wind of the duty the Germans proposed to charge, he managed to buy them for nine rupees a thousand plants and to arrange their shipment on the day before the duty was imposed. "Not even bold Admiral Drake," he wrote in his official report, "when taking one of his captured treasure ships into port, could have experienced more legitimate pride than did the writer on arriving safely in Kilindini Harbour with his prize of sisal bulbils."
Playne - The Chief of the Economic Plant Division of the Agricultural Dept., a post  which he has held since April 1, 1907, was a student at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. For 13 years, and until he became Assistant to the Director of Agriculture, EAP, at the end of 1903, Mr Powell was Curator of the Botanic Gardens at St. Vincent in the West Indies. He has lately returned from a tour in Ceylon, bringing with him many tropical plants for experimental cultivation in BEA.
Drumkey 1909 - Agricultural Dept. - Economic Plants Division - Chief of Division - H. Powell; Royal Gardens Kew 1888; Curator, St. Vincent 1890-1903; Asst. to Director of Agriculture, EAP, 1903
Gazette - 4/10/16 - Henry Powell - appt. Acting Superintendent Kabete Reformatory and Acting Manager Government Experimental Farm, Kabete
Member of Lodge Harmony - Joined 6/9/09, age 45, Agriculturist, Mombasa
North - Formerly in St. Vincent, West Indies; appt. Asst. to the Director of Agriculture EAP, 3 year agreement to date from his departure from Barbados 7/11/1903; arr. Mombasa 31/1/1904; Firearm registered at Mombasa, resident at Mombasa 14/10/1905
Leader14 - H. Powell - Mombasa
Leader14 - Chief of Economic Plants Division, Agricultural Dept.
Barnes - Mombasa Cemetery - Henry Powell, died 5 Jun 1920 age 56, Mazeras, Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Red Book 1912 - Agricultural Dept. - Economic Plants Division - Chief of Division - H. Powell
Red Book 1919 - Agricultural Dept. - Economic Plants Division - Chief of Division - H. Powell
EAHB 1905 - Agricultural Dept. Nairobi

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