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First Date: 1908

Profession: Carpenter

Area: Kisumu

Book Reference: Red 31, Hut, Drumkey, Medals, Breckenridge, Gazette

General Information:

Medals - East African Pioneers Company - S.M. Shallcross, No. 3207, Pioneer
Breckenridge - " When the house reached roof level stepfather [Blayney Percival] employed an Anglo Indian carpenter called Shallcross to make the trusses, doors and windows. He was an excellent craftsman and a very pleasant gentleman. Punch and I got on with him very well, he told us wonderful stories about India. He left when the house was completed and moved to my uncle Philip Percival who was a big game hunter, where he did a lot of work making equipment boxes for his safaris. We often saw him again when visiting their farm   {mid 1920s}
Gazette 6/7/1921 - Circuit Court Nakuru - Criminal case - Rex v S.R. Shallcross
Gazette - 15/8/1917 - Award of Meritorious Service Medal - Pnr S R Shallcross, EA Pioneers
Hut also has Shallcross 1920 Eng Bridges PWD

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