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Name: QUINN, Thomas Wilfred

Birth Date: ?1884 North Ormsby, Yorks.

First Date: 1904 - originally with 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards

Profession: Appointed to BEA Police

Area: Kiambu, Kisumu

Book Reference: Gillett, Cuckoo, Elephant Stone, Playne, Drumkey, Barnes, Gazette, North

War Service: 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards

General Information:

Cuckoo - 1904 - 2nd Race Meeting in Nbi. - T.W. Quinn, a new settler in the Kiambu district and from S. Africa, did well with his imported local-bred S. African horses, riding them himself. One of them, Mary, later produced a number of useful foals to Caliph, my imported Arab stallion. I think Quinn was the first man to attempt horse-breeding in the country. He went broke over farming and disappeared from E.A.: racing and farming are not a healthy mixture.
Elephant Stone - Stocker wrestled Quinn, as Irish as his name, an Inspector of Police, 6 ft. 4 ins. and bulky. The strongest man in Nairobi. Stocker won in the bar of the Stanley. Stocker had come out as the newly appointed judge of Nairobi. He was one of Sandow's prize medallist pupils. But he struck his cook so hard he nearly killed him and was suspended from his position of judge. He disintegrated and went berserk occasionally. He was under 40. One day he left Nairobi for Sotik country and did not come back. Mystery surrounded his disappearance.
Drumkey 1909 - Police - Sergeant-Instructor - T. Quinn
Cuckoo - early race horse owner in Nbi.
Playne - 'Alma'; bred in Australia; imported by Mr Quinn; trained and owned by Mr Elkington.
Playne - Sergeant-Instructor of Police 1909
Gazette 15/2/1907 - arrived on 1st appointment from England - Sergeant Instructor of Police - 27/1/1907 - Thomas Quinn

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