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Name: RAINBOW, Arthur James W.

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Birth Date: 1874 ?Aston, Warks.

Death Date: 27.2.1943 Nairobi

Nationality: South African

First Date: 1894 - Pioneers has Lolgorien 1903

Last Date: 1943

Profession: Farmer and prospector, particularly well known at Lolgorien, Limuru & Thika. Subsequently farmed at Mitubiri.

Area: 1925 Lolgorien, Claughton Farm Limuru, Thika, Mitubiri, 1925 Narok, 1930 Fairview Estate, Kiambu, Kisii

Married: 1908 Patricia Mary Geraldine Dooner b. 1882, d. 10.9.1969 Nairobi (sister of Hugh Brandon Dooner. She went to EA in 1905 with her mother)

Children: William Arthur Ernest (1910-1974) later ran the farm and married Nancy Strange (dau. of Thomas Strange)

Book Reference: Gillett, Gethin, EAHB 1905, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, North, Curtis, Pioneers, Drumkey, Red 22, Land, EAHB 1906, Gazette, Barnes, EAHB 1907, SKP, Red Book 1912, Red 19

General Information:

North - Farmer & Prospector - On safari to Lodwar 1894; Nairobi 1900; Issued with Bird Licence 16/12/1903, Nairobi; Living in a shanty 4 miles from Limuru Station 13/8/1904; Temporary employment as Police Instructor EAP 22/1/1906.
Curtis - p. 72 - 'The Uplands Connection' - East African Estates Ltd. were granted one of the early concessions on the condition that they gave practical help to the European settlers in the highlands. They decided to start a pig-breeding industry, and in 1907 on a block of 2000 acres the first buildings of Uplands Bacon Factory were put up by Messrs Prosser and Rainbow. Cured bacon and ham were on sale by 1909. Rainbow had come up to Kenya from South Africa after the Boer War and joined the Police. Tom Strange with his family arrived at Uplands in January 1912. He had been trained at Calne in Wiltshire, his birthplace, and later that year the factory produced the first Wiltshire sides of bacon and Wiltshire sausages. In 1923 Strange resigned from the job of factory manager at Uplands and then set up his own Globe Bacon Factory at Escarpment in competition. The Globe factory continued in business until 1950.
After the discovery of gold at Lolgorien in the Twenties Rainbow moved there. He mined at Lolgorien and Kihancha. Rainbow's son Bill worked in a sawmill for a while after leaving school. Then in 1950 he went to help his father on the mine. He later married the Stranges' daughter Nancy.
Drumkey 1909 - Sergeant-Instructor, EAP
Land - 1906 - A. Rainbow - Agricultural, 661 acres, Limuru, Homestead, Registered 3-9-06
Gazette - 10/6/14 - Partnership between Hugh Brandon Dooner, Philip Guy and Arthur Rainbow as Ostrich farmers and traders dissolved.
Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Naivasha - A. Rainbow (British), Settler, Escarpment
Nairobi Forest Road Cemetery - Arthur James Rainbow, British, age 69, died 27/2/43 and Patrice Mary Geraldine Rainbow, British, age 87, died 10/9/69 cremated remains - same grave
SKP - 1938 - Society of Kenya Pioneers - over 30 years in Colony - arrived  Lolgorien 1903, Mrs Rainbow arrived 1905
Old Africa 4 - Mrs Rainbow of Nanyuki became so annoyed with Clarence Buxton, the District Commissioner over some long-forgotten disagreement that she grabbed the nearest wastepaper basket and jammed it on Buxton's head. Unwilling to accept this insult to his leadership, Buxton charged Mrs Rainbow with assaulting a government officer. The punishment for her action was a fine or a period of time in jail. Mrs Rainbow refused to pay the fine, insisting she be jailed instead. Aghast at the thought of her friend in jail, Mrs Rainbow's neighbour came to the office and offered to pay the fine on her behalf. Mrs Rainbow refused the help and demanded to be jailed. This created a dilemma because Buxton had no proper place to incarcerate a European woman. He finally solved his problem by sending Mrs Rainbow to Mombasa where she was jailed in the old prison in Fort Jesus to serve out her (presumably short) sentence. - Tim Hutchinson, Gilgil
Red Book 1912 - A. Rainbow - Kyambu
Gazette - 3/12/1919 - Register of Voters - Rift Valley Area - Mrs Rainbow - Naivasha and A. Rainbow - Trader - Narok and Patrice M. G. Rainbow - Married - Narok
Red Book 1919 - District Committees - Narok - A. Rainbow
Gethin - trading at Narok and Lolgorien. Was really a prospector.
KAD 1922 has A. Rainbok, Narok.
Hut - Sawmill Lolgorien

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