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Name: REHM, Augustus George MC, PM, G.MSHL, PZ, GCSIB (Major)

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Birth Date: 1870 Hartshead, Lancs. North has c.1864

Death Date: 12.4.1921 Nairobi, cerebral haemorrhage

First Date: Pre 1899

Last Date: 1921

Profession: An officer with a commanding presence, being over 6 feet tall, he served with the Uganda Rifles in 1899. On retiring from Army joined EAP Survey Dept. & for many years was Office Superintendent and Storekeeper in Nairobi

Area: Entebbe, Nairobi

Married: In Manchester 1885 Mary Powell ?2 Elizabeth

Children: Herbert William (1.11.1899-24.4.1968 Nairobi); Mabel (24.3.1898)

Book Reference: Gillett, SE, HBEA, Barnes, EAHB 1905, North, Drumkey, CWGC, Advertiser, EAHB 1906, Gazette, Harmony, Barnes, EAHB 1907, Masonic, Leader14, Red Book 1912, Red 19

War Service: 2nd Batt. Manchester Regt; Uganda Rifles/ 4 KAR

General Information:

Stephen Ellis's ledger shows a Sergt. Major Rehm - Oct 1907.  
HBEA 1912 - Office Superintendent and Storekeeper, Survey Dept. Gravestone in Nairobi, Forest Rd shows him as Worshipful Brother and was erected by his Masonic brethren
EAHB 1905 - A. Rehm - Military Clerk, Entebbe Letter in my possession from A. Rehm to Bunting sent from Nairobi 22nd January 1909. Letter talks about the Nairobi Chapter and also mentions colleagues in the Survey Dept.
Drumkey 1909 - Survey Department - Clerk and Accountant
Drumkey 1909 - Lodge Scotia, No. 1008 S.C. - Tyler
Drumkey 1909 - Directory of Residents - Sergt.-Major A. Rehm, Survey Dept., Nairobi
CWGC - Nairobi (Forest Road) Cemetery - Major A.G. Rehm, MC, Special List and East African Pay Corps. 12th April 1921. Block 6, Gr. 100.
Jews - 1912 - Laying of the Foundation Stone of the first Nairobi synagogue - ….. Corn,wine and oil handed to H.E. by Messrs Bland, Rehm and Mitchell, attending Freemasons
Advertiser - 2/10/1908 - Masonic Temple consecrated - assisted - Bro. Rehm
Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Nairobi District - A. Rehm, Survey Dept.
Gazette - 26/8/1914 - Appt. - A. Rehm, Volunteer Forces, East Africa Regiment, to be Captain, to date August 6th 1914 Gazette - 11/8/1915 - Appt. - EA Pay Corps - To be Paymaster - Captain August George Rehm, EAR
Member of Lodge Harmony - Joined 4/6/06, dies 1921
Nairobi Forest Road Cemetery - Augustus George Rehm, British, age 51, died 12/4/21
North - Appt. HQ Sgt. Clerk with the Uganda Rifles 1/11/1899; Orderly Room Sgt. resident at Entebbe 19/11/1900; promoted to Head Clerk in Commandant's Office 1/4/1901; Sgt. Maj. refused permission for another 2 year tour, to return to UK as soon as possible to look after his wife & 4 children as wife had 'taken to alcoholic excess' (WO, FO 2) Dec 1902; At Camp Budachio on Anglo-German boundary 3/3/1903; re-engaged for 3 years March 1904; arr. Mombasa from Europe 6/4/1904; Member of the Anglo-German Boundary Commission survey, issued with Public Officer's Game Licence Seyidie Province 10/4/1905; Boundary Commission dissolved Dec 1905; 1906 at Entebbe; 'Six feet six inches in height and of a commanding presence'
Masonic - Orient Chapter SC consecrated 19 Sept 1919 by M.E. Comp A. Rehm as MEZ, M.E. Comp J. Grice as MEH, M.E. Comp Chas. Udall CBE as MEJ
Leader14 - Office Superintendent and Storekeeper, Survey Dept.
Red Book 1912 - A.G. Rehm - Nairobi
Red Book 1912 - Survey Dept. - Office Supdt. - A. Rehm
Considine - New European School Nairobi - Mabel Rehm - b. 24/3/1898 - 12/9/1910 - Parklands
Considine - New European School Nairobi - Herbert Rehm - b. 1/11/1899 - 12/9/1910 - Parklands
Gazette - 12/11/1919 - Register of Voters - Nairobi, North Area - August George Rehm - Chief Paymaster, EAPC, Fort Hall Road
Red Book 1919 - Survey Dept. - Office Superintendent - A. Rehm MC

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