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Name: MORESBY-WHITE, John Moresby

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Nee: bro of Charles Edward Moresby-White

Birth Date: 3 Jan 1895 Modderpoort, Free State, S. Africa

Death Date: 4 Oct 1979 Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

First Date: 1925

Profession: Farmer, auctioneer

Area: Sambulyet, Kipkabus, Hoey's Bridge

Married: In Cape Town 11 Jan 1925 Isabella Turner b.3 Dec 1883 Hampstead, London, d. 11 Dec 1978 Weymouth (prev. m. Francis Herbert Heaveningham Goodhart b. 1883)

Children: Elizabeth Ann (3 Dec 1926 Cape Town-5 Nov 2021 Callander, Perthshire)

Book Reference: Red 31, Hut, SS, Richardson, Gazette, Red 22, Red 25, KAD

General Information:

Soldier Settlement Scheme after WW1 - Class B - Lieut. J.M. Moresby-White, Lindum, Jesmond Park, Newcastle-on-Tyne - Farm 707 - Representative, T. Louw Esq., c/o Standard Bank of SA, Nairobi
Richardson 1925 - Hoey's Bridge - Charlie Moresby White's farm - "Making an early start on mule I rode down to the Nzoya river at the end of Charlie's farm, passing 17 acres lately of wheat that had been entirely eaten up by zebras. Left the mule with a syce and crossed the river by two crazy bridges which consisted of 2 long tree trunks to walk upon and a third for hand support. Then on foot some 2 1/2 miles to Moresby's. To motor round there and return would have involved some 30 miles in all. Found Moresby and Isa at home and spent the day there. Moresby has 2350 acres but 25 acres are allowed for roads and the rent is 20 c per acre on 2325, to be revised after 30 years and raised according to the amount uncultivated.. Moresby has 40 acres under coffee and 170 under maize. He tells me that he has 75 men and 85 women and children squatters, and there is no difficulty about labour. The house is a queer contraption that cost £20 to build and as Moresby says 'Comforts and conveniences are conspicuous by their absence'. However they seem very happy here.
Gazette 12/4/1922 - Brands Registered during quarter ending 31/3/1922 - Messrs Louw & Moresby White, Farm No 234B, PO Soy - GN7
Gazette - 10/2/1926 - Dissolution of Partnership between Thomas Louw and Charles Edward Moresby-White and John Moresby-White carrying on farming operations on 'Lindum Estate' in the Uasin Gishu District by the retirement of Thomas Louw.
Gazette - 10/3/1926 - Dissolution of Partnership between Charles Edward Moresby-White and John Moresby-White carrying on farming operations on 'Lindum Estate' in the Uasin Gishu District. Dissolved by mutual consent from 1 February 1926
Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Uasin Gishu Voters Roll
Nat Probate Calendar has his death at Beaminster, Dorset (same date)

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