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Name: ALLEN, Murielle, Mrs

Birth Date: 1906

Death Date: 1995

First Date: 1927

Last Date: 1995

Profession: Farmer

Married: 1. 1928 David Joffe d. 1947; 2. 1950 Frank Maurice 'Bunny' Allen (1906-2002)

Children: 1. Barbara Patricia (Brown) (16 Jan 1933 Nairobi)

Book Reference: Women 2/95

General Information:

Women 2/95 - Murielle in her 90th year, has made her last safari; and with her passing, another link with old Kenya has snapped. Fewer and fewer of her age group are around today to remember her in her Nairobi days, and although she has been associated latterly with Nanyuki, in fact, much of her active life was spent in Nairobi. Murielle arrived in Kenya in 1927 and in 1928 she married David Joffe. They made a tight, industrious team, busy at their various occupations in Nairobi. Work was never shirked by her, in fact she might even have been termed a workaholic! This, combined with her passion for diligence, accuracy in details and inherent honesty, earned her high regard by those for whom she worked. Included amongst these were Major Grogan, Percy Wheelock, and later for eleven years, the Jockey Club of Kenya, where her duties were secretary to the Secretary. In this capacity she applied herself in her inimitable fashion, deserving the praise of everyone from President Kenyatta to the Stewards of the Jockey Club. She lived in Nanyuki from 1950-1963 farming on Mtumaiyo Farm at Burguret, from where she organised safaris with Bunny Allen, her second husband. Sadly David died in 1947. During this period she was actively engaged in the organisation of supplies for the MGM film 'Mogambo', a job her abilities were well suited for, and in the course of which she gained many new friends in the film world. Amongst these were Grace Kelly, Clark Gable and Ava Gardner. Murielle returned to live in Nanyuki during 1981 and for some years worked at the Mt. Kenya Safari Club Boutique for Iris Hunt. She then retired from active work at the age of 80! She enjoyed a modicum of good health in her last years which enabled her to continue with home activities in her usual brisk way and she was always a great help at EAWL functions which she much enjoyed. Her mind was alert to the end for which she was always grateful. Murielle will be remembered as a small friend who had been blessed with a large and brave heart.

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