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Name: BERTI, Giusto

Birth Date: c. 1861 He and his wife were from Voghera in the province of Pavia in Lombardy

Death Date: 8.10.1914 Masaka, pneumonia

Nationality: Italian

First Date: arr. Zanzibar from Rome 27.6.1898

Profession: Italian Colonial Trading Co. based at Mombasa

Area: Mombasa

Married: Carolina Ratti b. c. 1862

Children: Maria (Keun); Fatima (Flacke) (d. 1971); Renée (Romanelli) (d. c. 1969 Moglio, Savona, Liguria, Italy)

Book Reference: North, EA Diary, Drumkey, EAS, UJ, Adventurers

General Information:

EA Diary - Mr Berti - proprietor, Equatorial Hotel, Uganda
Drumkey 1909 - Committee Member, Uganda Chamber of Commerce, Entebbe
Drumkey 1909 - B. Bertie, Uganda ?
North has Mrs Bertie - Proprietress of 'The Equatorial Hotel' Entebbe, Feb 1903
EAS - 15/1/1903 - Advert - The Equatorial Hotel, Entebbe - Proprietress - Mrs Berti
Uganda Journal - Vol. 21, No. 1 - Early Days in Kampala by W.E. Hoyle - …… Entebbe also boasted an hotel, which to the best of my recollection was named the 'Equatorial Hotel'. The owners were Italians, Mr and Mrs Berti. They had a charming daughter who became engaged to the first English Postmaster at Kampala, Mr W.A. Flacke.
Uganda Journal - Vol 22, p. 186 - Group photograph of Uganda officials November 1907.
Uganda Journal - Vol 24, p. 217 - Ivory Poaching in the Lado Enclave by R.O. Collins - …… In 1908 G. Berti, an Italian, who had been manager of the Equatorial Hotel at Entebbe, established himself at Wadelai and almost overnight turned ivory poaching into big business. While not hazarding himself to personal encounter with either elephants or the Belgian authorities, he welcomed to Wadelai undesirable adventurers from East and Central Africa. He supplied them with arms and stores in return for half their ivory, and encouraged them to cross the Nile into the Enclave. At one time he was reported to have at least 50 poachers scouring the Enclave for ivory. ….. By 1911, there were more poachers than ever before, and Berti, the Italian trader, was reported to have had a most profitable year, shipping over 9,000 lb. of ivory to Europe.
North - Proprietor of 'The Equatorial Hotel', Entebbe, with wife Feb 1903; Daughter Gladys enrolled at Uganda Railway School, Nairobi 19-6-1905; Member of Uganda Volunteer Reserve 8-4-1905
Adventurers - Lado Enclave - 1909/10 - kept a hotel in Uganda, but was no hunter. He made a business of fitting out men who were down and out, and taking a half share in their subsequent earnings ...… (more)

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