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Name: BOSANQUET, Henry Stewart

Nee: son of Walter Henry Bosanquet

Birth Date: 1867 Brighton, bapt. 17 Mar

Death Date: 27 Jan 1911 Fort Myers, Lee, Florida

Nationality: British

First Date: 1894

Last Date: 1894

Profession: Member of British Freeland Association

Area: Lamu

Book Reference: North, Burke

General Information:

Member of British Freeland Association; Tropical agriculturist? arr. Lamu 2-4-1894; Freeland Ass. in EA disbanded 19-6-1894; went on small expedition up the Tana with W.S. Godfrey; Kipini July 1894 ill; Dep. Zanzibar for Beira/Mashonaland 25-9-1894
aged 27, dep. London for Mombasa 28-12-1893; on list of departures from Hamburg to Lamu 28-2-1894, arr. Lamu 2-4-1894;
Will (in Ancestry) bequeathed everything to Koreshan Unity Community, a new religious sect dwelling south of Fort Myers. Koreshanism was founded by Cyrus R. Teed, who had medical training, but appears just as likely to have been a quack. He claimed to have had an illumination that revealed to him the secrets of the universe which included the fact that the earth is hollow and we actually live inside it. He also had a vision of God as a woman. Over time he developed a full blown religion that was centred on communal living, abstinence from drugs, alcohol and sex and the search for the New Jerusalem. 

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