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Name: BULTZ, Anton

Birth Date: 2 July 1840 Saarluis, Saarland, Germany

Death Date: 14 Oct 1901 Mombasa

Nationality: German

First Date: 1895

Last Date: 1901

Profession: EA Protectorate, Custom Master at Vanga March 1901

Area: Mmoja 1895, Wasin 1896, Vanga 1901

Married: 1. Jane; 2. In Calcutta 16 Feb 1874 Isabella Henderson née Thomson (div.); 3. In Calcutta 14 Apr 1883 Louise Bretz née Brosch b. 1852

Children: Isabella; Martha Rebecka

Book Reference: North, Barnes, Gazette

War Service: 109th Regiment of Foot

General Information:

North - 'A naturalised Englishman of German birth engaged locally' (Cave, FO 107); Mmoja Sept. 1895; Assisted in loading and unloading troops at Wasin and Ghazi for the expedition that attacked Mweli during the Mbarak rebellion 2/16-2-1896; Customs Master at Vanga, Aug 1896; d. 14-10-1901 on board dhow off Mombasa, pyonephrosis aged 60, buried at Mbaraki
Mombasa Mbaraki cemetery - 14 Oct 1901, Anton Bultz, Supt. of  ? Customs, aged 60, Fort Hospital
Gazette - 1-11-1901 - Probate and Administration - late Anton Bultz, Customs Master of Wanga deceased who died at Mombasa on the 14th day of October 1901.

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