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Name: KLEEN, Gustaf F. V. 'Romulus'

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Nee: nephew of Bror Blixen

Death Date: 1990

First Date: 1931

Profession: Land agency and coffee brokerage

Area: Tanganyika, Muthaiga

Book Reference: Bror Letters, Chandler, Aschan

General Information:

Bror Letters - 'When he (Bror von Blixen) made periodic visits to his family in Sweden I was an avid listener to his stories of the good life in Africa. As I was not tempted to pursue further advanced studies and had no prospects of acquiring a farm of my own, the idea of emigrating became more and more attractive to me. Finally, in 1931, I left to join Uncle, who readily agreed with me that I was not well equipped to succeed in the rat race at home. (Actually what he said was, "You're too bloody stupid, my boy!")
When I first arrived in East Africa, I spent a year on the farm in Tanganyika with Blix and Cockie. In the immediate vicinity of the farm there was very good buffalo shooting, and we frequently went out together for an afternoon's hunt. He taught me everything I now know about this particular animal - how it behaves when hunted and when wounded. Above all he stressed the extreme danger to the hunter from the buffalo.
He and I stayed in constant touch for the rest of his time in Africa, often going on safaris together. The relationship at first was that of uncle and nephew, but gradually it developed into a close personal friendship, one that gave me many happy memories.
Aschan - I the 1930s, Romulus lived in a rented cottage in Muthaiga, near the Club, going into Nairobi each morning to his job with a land agency and coffee brokerage firm. Blix often stayed with his nephew, giving parties for clients and friends from the cottage.

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