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Name: ACKERMAN, Maria Anne, Miss

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Birth Date: 1857 Bristol

Death Date: 21.4.1938 Clevedon, Somerset

Nationality: British

First Date: 1890

Profession: CMS mission at Rabai and Mombasa

Area: Mombasa, Rabai

Book Reference: North, CMS

School: Privately & Clifton Ladies' College

General Information:

North - Accepted as missionary in EA 17-6-1890; aged 33, dep. London for EA 27-10-1890. Rabai Mission. On leave to England 1893/4. Moved to Mombasa Town Mission.
CMS 1890 - Age 33. b. at Bristol. Private Sch. and Clifton Ladies' Coll. 1890, June 17, accepted by CMS; Oct 27, to E. Eq. Africa Mission - Rabai; 1893, May 17, to England; 1894, Nov 15 to E. Eq. Africa Mission.

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